First Myopia Control Centre Opens in Kitchener, Ontario

(KITCHENER, ONTARIO, February, 2018) Kitchener-Waterloo residents who are distressed to see their childrens’ vision worsen over time have a new option. The Kitchener Myopia Control Centre is now open and has begun evaluating the candidacy of children and teens for myopia control services.

“Myopia Control” refers to a collection of newer technologies which can slow the progression or limit the severity of myopia, or “near-sightedness”. It has proven in studies to be especially effective with children, for whom the rate of myopic progression is typically the highest.

While improved vision can benefit any child, active children may especially benefit. Myopia control techniques such as ortho-k can allow children to participate in sports without eyeglasses, where glasses or contacts would have otherwise been needed. In other cases, myopia control can reduce the required strength of glasses, also reducing their thickness and weight.

Myopia control techniques are administered by an Optometrist, and typically involve an initial assessment and follow-up treatments. Myopia control services provided by the Kitchener Myopia Control Centre include orthokeratology (“ortho-k”), custom soft contact lenses, and atropine treatment.

Over the past decade Myopia control methods have become available throughout much of the United States, and in the larger Canadian Cities. The opening of the Kitchener Myopia Control Centre may offer significant convenience for local residents while improving public health options.

For more information on Myopia Control or patient candidacy, contact:

Kitchener Myopia Control Centre
1187 Fischer-Hallman Rd.
Unit 628 (Building 600), 2nd floor
Kitchener, Ontario
N2E 4H9

Contact lenses: How old do you need to be?

Parents and teens alike may wonder how old do I need to be to wear contact lenses? The answer is not completely straightforward. Contact lenses can actually be worn by babies with certain medical conditions, so age alone is not the most important factor. The real bottom line is that wearing contact lenses requires a certain level of maturity, responsibility, or at least supervision, to be safe.

According to Canadian Doctor Michael Dickinson:

In my mind, the age at which a child can start to wear contact lenses safely is determined by both the maturity level of the child and the level of involvement of the parents. [Source: The Globe and Mail]

As he explains, it’s a matter of contact lens users being able to maintain the proper hygiene and appropriate wearing schedule to prevent such medical complications as infections.

Regular Examination of Daily Contact Lenses Is a Must

Daily Contact LensesA lot of people these days would wear Daily Contact Lenses in order to make life seem easier for them. When they have the lenses on, everything would be clear for them, and thus, they could do their activities much easier.

Why Do We Need to have Our Daily Contact Lenses Regularly Checked?

There are some people who could experience some problems when wearing their lenses, but there is actually no need to worry about this. According to medical experts, for as long as you have regular examination of your Daily Contact Lenses, you won’t have to deal with all these contact lens issues.

Dr Sandip Doshi, a senior optometrist at The Eyecare Centre in Hove, as well as a lead optometrist for the Community Eye Service in Brighton & Hove Primary Care Trust, have said that anyone who is suffering from visual problems as a result of wearing contact lenses on a daily basis must consult their contact lens practitioner right away. He added that it is very important for patients to undergo regular lens examination so as to prevent any problems to occur. This also allows the practitioner to address whatever issues you may have and give the best advices when it comes to the proper maintenance and care of their contact lenses.

Since most airborne particles could easily get into our eyes, contact lens wearers must particularly be careful on certain situations and at a specific time of the year, when they had the contact lenses on.

Optometrists Warn Consumers on the Danger of Wearing Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween Contact LensesPeople who are fond of wearing Halloween Contact Lenses without seeking the advice of a medical expert and without a valid prescription are at high risk for ocular inflammation, a kind of bacterial infection that could cause damage to the eyes, and can even lead to blindness. The Indiana Attorney General as well as the Indiana Optometric Association has been warning consumers on the danger especially during Halloween where the sales of these decorative contact lenses have been increasing.

Wearing Halloween Contact Lenses Can Pose Risk to the Safety of Your Eyes

During Halloween, it’s important for parents to be aware about the type of contact lenses that their kids are buying to be used as accessories for their Halloween costume parties. The risk of wearing decorative lenses without a prescription is high for there is no guarantee that they are safely made.

Although decorative contacts are a concern all year long, it is during Halloween that people would often use Halloween contact lenses as a way to enhance their costumes. Consumers who purchase these lenses without a prescription or without a consultation from an eye doctor could put themselves at high risk of serious bacterial infection, which can lead to significant damage to the eye’s ability to function.

Prescription Is Required When Buying Decorative Contact Lenses

In 2005, the federal law has urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate the sale and distribution of decorative contacts and treat it as a kind of medical device, similar to corrective or medical contact lenses. In 2009, the state of Indiana has passed a law that would require consumers to present a prescription when buying a pair of decorative contact lenses, including Halloween Contact Lenses. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of decorative lenses that are being sold illegally and distributed to consumers by means of several sources. This includes flea markets, online stores, beauty salons and even local convenience stores.

Decorative Contact Lenses Such as Anime Contact lenses Pose Health Threat

Anime Contact lensesNumerous contact lens retailers these days would stock up on Anime Contact lenses on their shelves because these decorative contacts are gaining popularity among the youth recently, due to the influence of Anime movies. But state regulators have expressed their concerns on the health threat of these types of decorative contacts to the people who choose to wear them. In 2005, the Federal Law has required the Food and Drug Administration to consider decorative lenses as a type of medical devices which requires proper prescription.

Non-Prescription Anime Contact lenses Are Made from Old Materials

Medical experts say that these contact lenses are often made from very old materials and have been passed by so many times with the better materials now. And because of this, the oxygen transmission of these Anime Contact lenses are extremely very low, and are very dangerous since they will not fit you well.

Furthermore, the state’s consumer protection division has expressed its concern that these contact lenses are being marked illegally and are being distributed at malls, flea markets as well as convenience stores, salons and in the Internet.

The director of consumer protection at the Indiana Attorney General’s Office, Abby Kuzma, has said that several retailers are actually breaking the law. She further said that it would be illegal to sell these contact lenses without proper prescription. So it certainly is against the law to purchase these anime contact lenses.

Wearing Non-Prescription Contact Lenses Could Lead to Blindness

Health experts warned users that buying non-prescription contact lenses could cause blindness. It can also lead to inflammatory changes and it would cause some infections that could lead to scarring that could take your vision away. Several doctors have seen such cases really happening to some of their patients.

Health Minister Supports the New Bill on Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Cosmetic Contact LensesThe New Bill on Buying and Selling Cosmetic Contact Lenses in Canada is fully supported by the Canada Health Minister. The bill aims to improve the quality as well as the reliability of medical contact lenses by providing the public with the information on the proper care and maintenance of the contact lenses.

What Is the Purpose of the New Bill on Cosmetic Contact Lenses?

The new bill sets out new requirements for companies involved in the manufacturing and selling of contact lenses. The companies must ensure that the consumers will get the most authentic and reliable contacts, either it is a pair of medical contact lens or cosmetic contacts. The bill could help to control the illegal selling of cosmetic contacts that could potentially put ones vision at high risk. By regulating these medical devices, Canadians will now have a clear understanding on the safety and risks associated with the illegal buying of contact lenses. This will also allow the public to make an informed decision about whether to purchase a certain Cosmetic Contact Lenses or not.

How Was the Bill Enacted?

This bill comes out after Conservative MP Pat Davidson had recently received a support for the private member’s bill Monday, right after opposition MPs have stood in the House of Commons in order to voice out their support on amending the country’s Food and Drugs Act. The purpose behind this is to ensure that non correction Cosmetic Contact Lenses will be treated in the same way as corrective contacts or medical contact lenses are being treated.





CarlinVision Now Offers Duette Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal Contact LensesCarlinVision has released a new technology solution called the Duette Multifocal Contact Lenses, for people that are aged 45 years old and over. The company is excited to announce that this technology is one of the first ophthalmology practices in the country that offers Duette™ Multifocal. So patients that are more than 45 years old can now wear hybrid contact lenses that would give them a clear and crisp vision, allowing them to see near and far, wherever they are.

There Are About 100 Million People That Suffers From Presbyopia

According to studies, there are about 100 million people in the United States that suffers from presbyopia, a condition in the eye that is age-related.  Such condition eventually affects those that are 45 years old and over, even those who feel like they have a perfect vision. Presbyopia is a result of a loss of elasticity within the natural lens of one’s eye that makes him/her unable to focus up close. Such condition could lead to a blurry vision when viewing near and until now, contact lenses for people that are 45 years old and over would required wearers to compromise the distance vision just for them to see clearly in near distance.

The Duette™ Multifocal Contact Lenses Provides the Best Quality of Vision

The Duette™ Multifocal Contact Lenses promise to provide the best quality of vision that any contact lens could offer. This is according to Blake Thornhill, O.D. of CarlinVision. He added that the patients over 45 years old can now achieve great vision with these new lenses, ranging from distance, near, and intermediate. The company also rave about the all-day comfort that patients will feel when wearing the contact lenses.

Approved for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Duette™ family of contact lenses is the first hybrid contact lenses that are made of a silicone hydrogel skirt, as well as a MaxVu™ rigid center that has high oxygen permeability and a class II UV blocker.

“We pride ourselves on giving our patients the latest in vision correction technology and the Duette™ Multifocal Contact Lenses allows us to do just that,”Dr. Thornhill concluded.

Top Official Warns About Illegal Web Non Prescription Contact Lenses Sales

Prescription Contact LensesDespite of the regulations imposed by the government against the sale of non Prescription Contact Lenses on the Internet, there’s still a growing number of social networking that has been used by salespeople in selling these contact lenses illegally online.

Due to the popularity of auction sites online, there are now a lot of salespeople who would go abroad to buy adult medications, including cosmetic contact lenses that could enlarge the pupils, this was according to the Food and Drug Administration Director General. FDA said that things have greatly developed now, because consumers can just place an order online and the product will then be delivered at their doorstep after several days.

Facebook is considered to be the number one social networking site that has been one of the platforms for selling non Prescription Contact Lenses.

Although some of these contact lenses are being sold for cosmetic purposes only and not for vision correction, these contact lenses still needs a prescription from an eye doctor when bought online. Aside from contact lenses, medical equipments such as Band-Aids, ear thermometers, condoms, and prysbeiopia glasses must be sold only in pharmacies that have legal pharmaceuticals permit. This is in accordance with Article 27 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act that says before anyone could sell medical equipments, you must be able to register with health authority and obtain a pharmaceuticals permit.

Furthermore, such act states that the pharmacy registration must also include a store address and the location of the store, which means that there should be a physical store in order to register as a pharmacy. So if we consider this, online stores that sell contact lenses are not legal. Non Prescription Contact Lenses sold over the Internet makes it difficult to trace who are those responsible for causing harm on your eyes or causing impairment on your vision.

Are There Any Side-effects With Wearing an Orthokeratology Contact Lens?

OrthokeratologyThe practice of Orthokeratology also known as vision correction by means of corneal reshaping, has been around for a number of years already. However, there are only a few of these lenses that were approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

How Can We Benefit from Orthokeratology?

Further studies in Orthokeratology have resulted to the advancement towards the treatment of myopia and slowed down the myopic progression. Several studies were also conducted on some countries outside the United States to further validate this technology. However, as of now, there are no new designs for Orthokeratology contact lenses that were approved by FDA, but researches are still continuously being conducted to improve this new vision of eye correction technology.

What Is Orthokeratology?

Basically, Orthokeratology is a vision correction technology that is done by means of reshaping the cornea. Studies show that the epithelial cells that are on the corneal surface are either compressed or relocated by means of this technology and vision correction of up to -6.00D are made possible through this. However, there are several side effects that have been found to result from using these implements, and one of the side effects could even result to blindness. Some experts would attribute such Orthokeratology side effects to the patient’s failure to strictly follow the proper instructions and precautions in using these lenses. They even stress that hygiene is the number reason for blindness, which is one of the Orthokeratology side effects.

Another cause for Orthokeratology side effects is the use of wrong materials in manufacturing the contact lens. Corneal hypoxia, a term used to refer to the lack of oxygen in the eyes is often experienced when using a non-oxygen permeable material for contact lenses that are for overnight-use.

So before you decide to use any orthokeratology implement, make sure to consult with your eye doctor to avoid any problems.

Three Gamblers Accused of Using Invisible Ink and a Special Custom Contact Lenses in a Casino Betting Scam

Custom Contact LensesThree Italian gamblers now stand accused of using special type of Custom Contact Lenses to see invisible ink on some marked cards in a Casino, on what some say as the cleverest scams ever witnessed all over Europe.

Gamblers Amassed $A60,000 in just One Night of Gambling

Detectives believe that the three gamblers may have already employed such technique on casinos all over the Continent before they were caught red handed in Cannes this summer. The alert was raised after the three Italian players won almost $A60,000 in just one evening after playing a form of stud poker against the croupier in the Princes Casino in the French Riviera. And when the three returned to the same table this week, they made another $A27,000 in just a few hours.

Gamblers Make Use of Special Type of Custom Contact Lenses

The staffs at the Casino recognized them and called the police right away. After further investigation, I was revealed that there are some invisible marks right at the back of the cards that were being used – a cross indicates a king, a line means ace – all these information gave the three an unbeatable edge. Furthermore, the men were all wearing special type of Custom Contact Lenses so that they could read such invisible inks on the card.

The three players and two alleged French accomplices are now being held on suspicion of committing fraud in an organized gang. The accused could face a maximum of ten years in prison if proven guilty. One of the Frenchmen arrested is said to have worked for the casino and police suspect that he slipped those marked cards with invisible inks into the establishment.

The photographs of these suspects are now being sent to some of Europe’s leading casinos in order to put awareness on this matter and police believed that the gang had probably been in operation for several months now.