Coloured Contact Lenses Help to Transform the Look of Actors

Poppy Montgomery was the actress chosen to play the role of the famous Harry Potter author, JK Rowling. Montgomery revealed how the coloured contact lenses she used in the movie transformed her looks, in such a way that she would resemble the face of Rowling. This is definitely not the first time that an actress reveals how contact lenses could give life to their character in a movie. Another example was actor Jackie Earle Haley who also revealed last year that coloured contact lenses were being used in his eyes for his looks to resemble that of the gruesome Freddy Krueger, when he made the remake of the horror flick, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.

Indeed, contact lenses could make great changes on a person’s overall look, like this video here:


The Basics of Contact Lens Care

Once you have decided to start wearing contact lenses either for vision correction or for the enhancement of your eye appearance, it is a must, that you know the basics of contact lens care. Contact lens care is one the most important aspects in the use of contact lenses. A contact lens wearer, who doesn’t know how to care for his lenses, faces the risk of various eye related complications like eye infection, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer and blindness.

Every contact lens user knows that contact lenses need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. It is recommended to clean and disinfect contact lenses, at least twice per day. Selecting a contact lens cleaning solution might be a bit tricky, since there are several brands available in the market. The rule of thumb in choosing the right cleaning solution is that, it should be compatible with the type of contact lens you’re using it on. There are daily cleaners, hydrogen peroxide solutions, protein deposit removers and multipurpose contact lens solutions. The multipurpose contact lens solution is among the best options to date. This solution can be used for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing contact lenses. Using this type of solution is very easy, practical and convenient for any age group.

It is important to remember that solution bottle tips shouldn’t be contaminated, touching the bottle tip causes contamination. Contact lenses should not be rinsed with water, because it can ruin them. Contact lens cases and containers must always clean be kept and sanitized. Contact lenses, contact lens containers and contact lens solutions must be discarded once they’re no longer viable. Contact lenses and its accessories expire over time and once they expire, they should be replaced with new ones. Knowing the basics of contact lens care will help keep the eye safe and healthy.

Best Coloured Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

If you have a dark eye color, you are probably wondering which coloured contact lenses are suitable for your eyes.  The best thing to do is to actually pay a visit to your eye doctor in order to have your eyes checked and to also ask for some opinions. These doctors are the expert when it comes to coloured lenses so it is best that you see them, so they could prescribe the best contact lenses for you. 

During your visit, make sure to ask the doctor for some information on where you could find the best coloured contact lenses. Darker eyes are a bit difficult to put some contacts on, so you cannot just decide for yourself.  This is also true for people with astigmatism and other vision-related problems. These people need special attention to their eyes so they must seek out the help of a medical expert when looking for the best coloured contact lenses to wear. 

So now… here is a video dedicated for people with darker eyes and are looking for the best coloured contact lenses that are suitable to them:


Decorative Contact Lenses: Pros and Cons

Decorative contact lenses also known as “plano” contacts or non-prescription lenses are quite popular among teens, young professionals and even adults. Unlike the regular contact lens, plano contacts do not correct vision or visual problems, they change the eye’s size, shape and color, altering its appearance. Asians who naturally have black or brown eyes can have blue ones after wearing plano lenses. Caucasians on the other hand can opt to change their blue eyes to a different shade like ash, grey, green or hazel. It doesn’t matter what look you’re going for, decorative “plano” lenses can help you play with your appearance, enabling you to change your eye’s features.

Anything this good always has a downside or drawback. Decorative lenses as what the United States Food and Drug Association or FDA recommends must only be used and worn after proper fitting and prescription from an eye specialist. Buying a pair without prescription is very risky and dangerous. Decorative lenses, like corrective ones carry risks. The most common complications that can result from wearing regular or decorative contact lenses include conjunctivitis or pink eye, corneal ulcer, corneal abrasion and even vision impairment and blindness.

Decorative contact lenses can help enhance our facial features by altering the appearance or our eyes, but misuse and improper handling can also lead to serious eye related complications. Make sure to have an eye exam before getting a pair of contacts. During the eye exam, contact lens fitting, lens dimensions and brand recommendations can be agreed upon. In buying decorative lenses, choose a seller that requires a contact lens prescription prior to selling the item. Most importantly, to avoid any risks and complications be conscious and careful in wearing the contact lens. Observer proper contact lens cleaning, disinfection and storage and do not forget to visit your eye specialist regularly.

Where to Buy Aqua Coloured Contacts?

Aqua contact lenses are so popular these days. These coloured contact lenses help to bring out a light marine shade to your eyes, while giving some hints of green and blue shades as well.  Some of the best aqua coloured contacts are being sold on various websites online. And aside from the aqua coloured lenses, some other colors are available as well, like the hazel and violet.

When choosing for the best aqua coloured Contacts that are suitable to your eyes, make sure that you also try on some other shades, so to find out if the shade of aqua really complements your complexion. Buy only these lenses from companies that guarantees authenticity.

Check out the video for some inspiration on wearing aqua coloured contact lenses:


What’s in your Contact Lens Solution?

We all know what this little bottle of liquid called the contact lens solution is for, we even know what it can do and how it should be stored and used, but do we know what contents are in our contact lens solution? Does it contain plain water, distilled water or saline solution? Does it have preservatives, disinfectants and other additives? Are the contents of the contact lens solution, similar to that of our natural tears? This article will try to explore things about the contact lens solution. It will try to provide information that can help contact lens users become better wearers.

So what then is in our contact lens solution? The contact lens solution, as what ophthalmologists and eye specialists around the world recommend, should contain an adequate amount of disinfectant. The main disinfecting substance used is hydrogen peroxide. This substance is effective in inhibiting growth of various fungi and microorganisms. The hydrogen peroxide in cleaning solutions also helps preserve en ligne casino france the contact lens, making them last longer. The contact lens solution also contains a certain amount of surfactant or mild abrasive, a substance that helps remove deposits and build up on the lens without scratching its surface. Some solutions may even contain a very minimal amount of mild detergent which also helps remove solid particles from the contact lens. Another ingredient found in some contact lens solutions is boric acid, although not common, this substance has antiseptic properties which can be used as a disinfectant as well as an anti-fungal agent.

Contact lens solutions are as equally as important as the contact lenses themselves; and now that we know what’s in this little bottle, we must always remember to use them properly. Using contact lens solutions as directed. Storing the solution in a cool and dry place and discarding the product once expired.

Cheap Contact Lenses: Where to Find Them?


While contact lenses are the best way for people with eye problems to be able to see clearly, not all can actually afford to buy  a pair of these lenses. So if you are one of them, you might want to look for some cheap contact lenses online. It really does not matter what the purpose you are going to use it for, because cheap contact lenses are available for all different purposes, whether it’s for medical or cosmetic contact lenses. The best way to find several cheap contact lenses is online. So grab your chance of buying cheap contact lenses now in order to protect your eyes or to give it a new look. Check this video out:


Is it good to wear Contact Lenses during summer?

Summer is just around the corner. In a few weeks, the sun will be at its warmest and brightest. Everyone will be off to the beach, to get a tan, flaunt their summer bodies and have their well deserved rest and relaxation. Most of us prepare our days for summer, we plot schedules on what summer activities need to be done and who to do it with. We gather all the things essential for our fun vacation. Things like our bikinis, board shorts, sun screen lotions, towels and let us not forget the most important of them all, eye wear.

During summer, our eyes are exposed to high amounts of ultraviolet rays. If these rays have the capacity to burn our skin, it can also harm our eyes. The warm weather and atmosphere the summer season brings is a welcome sight to the majority, but too much of it can be potentially harmful to our health. To protect our skin from the harsh and intense heat, we can use sun screen lotions, for our eyes on the other hand, it is best to use UV-filtered sun glasses. This type of eyewear not only looks good, it also spares the eye, the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. Contact lenses can be worn but this might cause eye itch. During the warm summer days, the eyes become more sensitive to contact lenses. Contacts can still be worn provided, the wearer doesn’t expose his eyes under the sun for long periods, and doing so will make his eyes dry, irritated and uncomfortable.

A good option for frequent contact lens wearers is the daily disposable contacts. These lenses are changed everyday preventing tears and mineral deposits to build around the lens. These people can also try wearing prescription eye glasses or sun glasses for the mean time or until summer is over.

How to Clean Your Contact Lenses

Cleaning contact lenses is a very important step in maintaining your contacts. You might feel that the process is very tedious, but this definitely has a lot of advantages.

I myself wear contact lenses for so many years now, and a lot of times, I find it so tiring to clean my lenses. I would often skip the cleaning process, and just place the lenses directly into the case filled with contact lens solution. I admit I’ve done this a lot of times, but every time I do this, there is a feeling of discomfort when I put them back on. It’s really different, and that they feel much less comfortable than the usual. So whether it’s comfort, or just to minimize your risk of getting an eye infection, proper cleaning of your contact lenses is very important.

Here’s how to clean your contact lenses properly: