Contact Lenses for the Sport Savvy

Sporty individuals who have problems with their eyes must wear contact lenses as an alternative to the traditional eye glasses. It would be difficult for an athlete to play with their eye glasses on. Therefore, athletes and sport enthusiasts must always keep a steady supply of daily disposable contact lenses with them.

Those people who do sports while wearing glasses would feel irritated by their glasses steaming up. But with the use of disposable contact lenses, players would be able to concentrate well on their game and at the same time enjoy the entire game.  

What’s great about daily disposable contact lenses is that you no longer need to keep on cleaning them, for they can be worn only once and must be thrown away after each use. This can make wearing contact lenses more hygienic too, and you will have fewer chances of getting eye infection and other vision related problems.

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Famous Men who wear Contact Lenses

If you’re a guy and you see an athlete, a famous politician, a model or even a male celebrity pass by, don’t you just wish to look like they do. Guys can be as vain as girls when it comes to looks and physical appearance, they may not talk about it as much as girls do, but in reality guys also give a great deal of importance to beauty. There are even a few who resort to extreme measures just to achieve the physical beauty they aspire to have.

When asked which facial feature they find most attractive in guys, a great number of girls would answer, eyes. As cliché as it sounds, the eyes are the windows to the soul and what better way to see the soul than through a pair of beautiful and attractive windows.

Orlando Bloom, a famous movie star from the Lord of the Rings trilogy wore blue colored contact lenses for his role as Legolas. Orlando’s eyes are naturally dark brown in color. Anthony Hopkins, a legendary English actor prominently known for his roles in The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal wore dark green contacts to transform his natural blue eyes, to a light brown shade. Who doesn’t know Tom Cruise from the movie Top Gun and Mission Impossible? Even he wears contact lenses. His natural eye color is green and he opts to wear contacts that are dark green or gray in color. If you’re a World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE fan, you’d probably know Rey Mysterio. He’s not only known for his wrestling skills but also for the different colors of contact lens he uses. He loves to match the color of his mask with the color of his eyes. There was a time when he wore yellow contacts to match his yellow mask. Arnold Schwarzenegger the very popular and well-loved governor of California is rumored to wear light brown contact lenses to make him look friendlier and more approachable.

Dry Eye Syndrome: Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Some people who are fond of wearing eye contacts would often complain about their eyes feeling so dry. The good news is, there are now several different remedies for this problem.

Dryness in the eyes is common among people who are wearing contact lens, especially the cosmetic contacts. To treat this eye problem, you just need to refer to several different types of eye products that are highly recommended by eye specialists. These products would help to improve the comfort of wearing cosmetic eye contacts. An example of these products is the Silicone hydrogel contact lenses, a type of contacts that are made of materials with high oxygen permeability, an important component for your cornea.

Fixing your problems with dry eye syndrome should start with a visit to your eye care practitioner so he/she can evaluate the cause of your eye illness and look for the best remedy to lessen your discomfort. With today’s variety of contact lens products, you will certainly be able to find the best remedy to cure your dry eye syndrome.

Here’s a video that could share to you some facts regarding the dry eye syndrome.


Mirrored Contact Lenses – Are they for real?

There is a wide variety of trendy contact lenses sold in the market today. From plain translucent contacts, cat’s eye lenses, and bold patterns to mirrored contact lenses. Now every contact lens wearer can get the specific pair that perfectly suits his mood and personality.

Mirrored contact lenses have become quite popular, most especially among teenagers and young adults. This specialized pair of contacts can be only used as non-prescription lenses. The design of mirrored contact lenses does not provide vision adjustments and correction. What sets the mirrored contact lens apart from the rest of the specialized lenses is the mirror like appearance it gives the eye. A person wearing will look like he has a pair of tiny mirrors strategically placed in his eye. Mirrored contact lenses come in different colors pitch black and silver being the two most common color choices. The mirrored contact lens is a type of gas permeable lens that has one base curve in it. These lenses are made by placing the gas permeable contacts over a soft disposable lens. The concept used in combining these 2 types of lenses is called piggy back contact lens fitting. Unlike other contact lenses, mirrored contacts cannot be worn for extended periods. Wearing this type of lens is tolerable and fairly comfortable for a short span of time only. Over wearing mirrored contact lenses can cause eye strain and eye discomfort which can potentially affect vision and lead to serious eye conditions.

Before getting a pair of mirrored contact lenses, consult an eye professional to get the right fit, the comfort and health of your eyes, greatly depends on this. These lenses must be properly used, stored and disposed. A single pair is indicated for one person only, sharing is definitely not advisable. Hygiene and cleanliness are also very important when wearing mirrored contact lenses.

How to Achieve Beautiful Eyes Similar to Some Hollywood Celebrities


Those who are wearing cosmetic contact lenses might be wondering about the proper way of putting make-up on their eyes in order to attract attention, similar to most Hollywood actress.

Famous Hollywood stars like Britney Spears, Olivia Palermo and many others normally apply some shimmering eye make-up to blend with the cosmetic contacts they wear. Another way of imitating the style of these famous actresses is by applying a pink blush to the cheeks, and make sure to blend it well. And for a more fabulous look, finish it off by applying a glossy lipstick that will help set off some glitters on your eyes.

Some additional tips in putting eye make-up would include dusting the eyelids with a shimmering nude shadow and lining the eyes very lightly by the use of metallic silver eyeliner. And to complete the overall celebrity look, finish it by applying black mascara on your eyes.