Wear Nightly Contact Lenses for Daytime Benefits

Nightly Contact LensesOrthokerotology is the process used to treat and reshape the eyes using a special type of contact lenses, which are the nightly contact lenses. From the name itself, the contact lens must be worn at night in order to undergo a non-surgical process during the sleep in order to restore the vision by day time. As soon as the contact lenses are removed in the morning, the cornea will be able to attain its original shape and will stay that way. The effect of this therapy is just temporary, and so the lenses need to be worn every night in order to attain a good vision.

Nightly Contact Lenses Correct Your Refractive Error

Orthokeratology treatment works by correcting your refractive errors so you will be able to see clearly throughout the day, and even achieve a near perfect vision. The nightly contact lenses are made of a gas porous lens, which is a firm kind of plastic material. They press the cornea of your eyes softly and decrease its curve, in order for the focal length to increase.

Not Recommended for Long-sighted Individuals

Medical experts would not recommend the use of nightly contact lenses for people who are suffering from long-sightedness, as well as those that wear bi-focal lenses. The lenses are not also suitable to people who have hypermetropia, since they have soft cornea, and thus, it is more flattening and will just worsen the condition. Moreover, these lenses also help to cure low eyesight problems. There is no harm in continuously wearing the lenses for a week each night, but they must be disposed after a week of using.

Disposable Weekly Contact Lenses

Weekly Contact LensesDisposable weekly contact lenses are contact lenses that can only be worn within a week. So after a week of using the lens, it must be disposed right away, and should not be used again. A lot of people would prefer these types of disposable contact lens because it is very convenient, since it involves only a little time for disinfection and cleaning.

Bi-weekly Contacts

Another type of disposable contact lenses is the bi-weekly disposable contact lenses. These lenses can be worn within two consecutive weeks and are also being referred as the fortnightly lenses. You can wear bi-weekly contacts as soon as you wake-up, but make sure to remove them before going to sleep at night.

Extended Wear Bi-weeklies Contact Lenses

There is another option for weekly contact lenses, and that is the extended wear bi-weeklies. Extended wear bi-weeklies contact lens are the type of contact lenses that are made of a contact lens material that doesn’t block the oxygen, and therefore, you can wear the lenses for several weeks – even up to a month, without any risk to your eyes.

Silicone Hydrogel Weekly Contact Lenses

The silicone hydrogel contact lenses are made of a very soft and flexible material that it allows seven times more oxygen to get into the cornea, in order to maintain high level of moisture all throughout the whole week or two weeks of using. The lenses are even said to remedy certain eye conditions, like myopia and astigmatism. They are available in several different colours and some of the most popular weekly and bi-weekly contacts are Acuvue Oasys with hydraclear, Acuvue advance for Astigmatism, Acuvue bifocal by Johnson & Johnsons.

GREY Eyes, Why not?

Grey Contact LensIf it’s not black or white, then it must be grey. The color grey is a neutral and achromatic shade produced by a combination of two or more colors. Grey pigments mixed with shades of yellow, orange and red creates a “warm grey”. On the other hand grey pigments combined with shaded of blue, violet and green results to a “cool grey”. Symbolically, grey stands for neutrality, since it’s not black nor white, good nor bad. Grey is the color for balance, aging, wisdom, mourning and formality. Grey is commonly used by men because of its masculine quality and neutral feel.

Grey is used in many items and pieces of clothing. In English and Scandinavian folklore, grey tunics are worn by elves, gnomes, trolls and goblins. In the military, officers with high ranks wear grey colored uniforms. In religion, a number of catholic priests and nuns wear grey colored robes. Grey being subdued, earthy and neutral is a good option during formal occasions. In men’s wear, grey is a common staple for suits, pants and tailored dress shirts. When it comes to accessories, grey is an important color used in shoes, bags and belts. Grey is also one of the most common colors used in colored contact lenses.

When you want to look different, changing the color of your eyes is the way to go. Whether you’re blonde or brunet, light skinned or dark skinned, have straight hair or curly hair, grey eyes will look good on you. Grey, being a neutral color suits everyone. If you feel like having grey eyes, don’t hesitate, go to your eye specialist, get a fitting, be oriented and buy your very own pair of Grey Colored Contact Lenses. Whatever color you choose is an expression of your individuality. Be different, be unique and be your true self.

Daily Contact Lenses: What Are They?

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses are contact lenses that are intended to be worn only during waking hours, and must be taken out of your eyes at night before bedtime. The lenses are either left to be soaked in a contact lens solution for cleaning, disinfecting and for storing. If you are interested on wearing these types of contacts, be sure that you knew about what these contacts are, before you decide to try them out.

Various Types of Daily Contact Lenses

Daily wear contact lenses are available in several different types, depending on the replacement schedule. There are those disposable daily contacts that you need to throw away every single day, while others must be thrown away only after a week of wearing them. There are the last styles of daily contacts now that you can wear up to an entire month or longer than that.

Disadvantages of Wearing Daily Contact Lenses

One of the disadvantages of wearing these types of contact lenses is that they tend to be ripped off quite easily. And in case the contact rips, you can no longer put them back in your eyes again, since this can cause your eyes to be damaged. Another disadvantage is that if you forget to dispose these contacts on time, it could lead to some problems in your eyes.

Advantages of Daily Wear Lenses

There are several advantages when it comes to wearing this type of contact lenses. First off, they look great in your eyes and that they allow more oxygen to get into your eyes, making your eyes to feel better. These daily contact lenses are made out of very light materials, and are more comfortable to wear for your eyes and won’t cause any irritation.


Try PURPLE for your eyes

purple contact lensesWhat happens when you mix the colors blue and red? You get purple. Combining blue and red in different proportions can result to an entirely different shade of purple. The color purple can sometimes be mistaken for violet but according to the color theory, purple is any color between violet and red, (with the exclusion of violet and red.) The color purple is closely associated with royalty and noble ranks in society. Purple is also considered as the color of artistry, creativity, beauty, youth and sexuality. In culture and religion, purple may represent the devil, death and mourning.

Purple comes in several shades, from darker tones such as Tyrian purple, Han purple, Royal purple and Red violet to lighter and more subdued tones like electric purple, medium purple, orchid and heliotrope. Each purple shade is used for various things, fashion being one of them. Other than fabrics, bags, shoes, cosmetics and accessories, purple is one of the most popular choices in colored contact lenses. Trendy people, especially teenagers and young adults love to be noticed and stand out. Wearing purple colored contact lens is a sure way to achieve that. For those with light brown or dark brown eyes, changing to purple will definitely spice things up. A person wearing a pair of purple colored contact lenses can grab anyone’s attention.

To get those purple eyes, the type of contact lens to wear is the enhancement tint. A purple colored enhancement tint will give you purple eyes without affecting your vision. The purple shade may slightly differ for people with light colored eyes and those with dark ones. Enhancement tints give off a natural looking effect. For those who prefer the deep purple shade, they can try the fully colored contact lens. This type of lens, gives off a solid purple color which is good for shows, photo shoots and costume parties.

What Are the Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses?

More and more people all over the world are now wearing contact lenses, instead of the typical eyeglasses. This is due to the fact thwearing contact lensesat contact lenses have several advantages over a traditional reading glasses, and by using them, you will be free from all the inconveniences of having to take it off every once in a while.

There is no Age Limit for Wearing Contact Lenses

In some parts of the world, there are cases where pre-mature babies suffer from underdeveloped retinas and are being advised by doctors to wear contact lenses in order to correct their vision and save them from becoming blind. Contact lenses are truly a big help to these babies, since they still cannot wear a pair of eye glasses. The lenses also help to prevent the toddler’s eyes from further damage and deterioration.

You Can Wear Contact Lenses for Beautification Purposes

Aside from medical reasons, a lot of people are wearing contact lenses for the sake of fashion. Some contacts come in several different shades of color and will make a big difference on the way your eyes would look, making it to appear more vibrant and attractive. The lenses have stylish effect that could make your eyes to look more fresh and bright. Wearing contact lenses also helps to protect your eyes from the heat of the sun, and minimizes the penetration of ultraviolet rays to your pupils.

Contact Lenses Will Not Give You Headaches

Indeed, contact lenses are the safest way to correct all kinds of eye problems. This kind of eye-wear won’t give you any headaches like most eyeglasses do. But if you still have doubts with using contacts, try to talk to your eye doctor and ask for some advice.

Even your eyes can Go GREEN

Green Colored Contact LensWhen presented with any green colored item or object, the first thing that comes to mind is nature. Green is the color of nature, it is the most noticeable characteristic found in trees and plants. Several fruits and vegetables also have this color. Many beautiful and picturesque sceneries and landscapes almost always have a touch of green in them. Green can also be the color of the ocean, stones and minerals as well as some animals including parrots, frogs, turtles, insects, fishes, snakes and lizards. Symbolically, green is the color of growth, fertility and hope but on the other hand it can also represent envy, greed, malice and disease. In modern society, green is the color closely associated with environmentally friendly products, organizations and causes.

Green is a secondary color that results from the mixture of blue and yellow. In fashion and trends, green is commonly used during the spring and summer seasons. Like other colors, green also has different shades, tones and hues, from light and subtle greens to dark and bright ones. Each shade of green has its own use, but generally speaking, green suits everyone. People who are fashionably up to date know that this color is one of those that never go out of style. Anything than can be worn from head to toe may be completely green or have hints of it.

We only have one natural eye color, but with the help of Green Colored Contact Lenses we can now have green colored eyes. If you feel like sporting a new look, having green eyes is a good option. Having green eyes can help you look fresh, fun, whimsical and unique. If you’re the type who has this kind of personality then go get a pair of Green Colored Contact Lenses. Having green eyes, in itself is already a total make-over.

Tips in Choosing the Best Contact Lens Solution

contact lens solution

It is not really difficult to look for the best contact lens solution, for as long as you knew what you are looking for. But you should be aware that there are so many fake products being sold in the market now, so you have to be very careful when buying solutions for your contact lens. In the Internet, you will find that there are a hundred different sites dedicated to selling contacts solutions – make sure to buy only from a reputable online seller. Here are tips in selecting the best solution:

Determine the Length of Time You Need to Soak Your Lenses on the Contact Lens Solution

When looking for the best contact lens solution, make sure that you are aware of the length of time for your contact lenses to be soaked in the solution. Determine whether it needs to be soaked overnight, or for only a certain number of hours. In some cases, the contact lenses need to be stored on a contact lens case that has solution, each time you remove them from your eyes. So look for a suitable contact lens solution, depending on the soaking period needed for your lenses.

Consult Your Doctor

It is best that you ask some recommendations from your eye doctor when buying a contact lens solution. Your doctor would be able to recommend the best possible brand of solution for you. Do not forget to also ask about the suitable methods and techniques in keeping your contact lenses safe and free from any scratches and contamination.

Purchase only from Reputable Company

There are so many solutions being sold in the market that claims to work well with your lenses. And although there are several companies that manufacture the best solution, some of them are just blabbering. Therefore, make sure to purchase only from a reputable manufacturer.