The Different Kinds of Coloured Contacts Tints

Coloured contactsColoured contacts have three different kinds of tints – visibility, enhancement, and opaque colour tints. Most of these contact lenses are being sold in plain form, but some of these lenses are uniquely designed, so as to help people with astigmatism. The most popular among coloured contacts are bifocal contacts and disposable contact lenses.

Coloured Contacts with Visibility Tints

Visibility tints are light blue or green tints that are being added to the lens, to help a person to be able to see better during the insertion and removal of the lenses, or in case you drop it. And since it’s made of a very light tint, and it will not affect your eye color at all.

Enhancement Tints

Enhancement tints are solid but translucent, or made of a see-through tint, which is a little darker as compared with a visibility tint, and therefore, enhancement tint coloured contacts will not change your eye color. From the name itself, enhancement tints are made for the purpose of enhancing the existing color of your eyes. These types of tints are ideal for people who have very light eye color, since it could help to enhance the color of their eyes.

Opaque Colour Tints

Opaque coloured tints are deeper, and thus, it could change the entire color of your eyes completely. They are usually made of patterns of solid colors, and are ideal for people with dark eyes. These coloured contacts could change the overall color of your eyes, and comes in several varieties of color – green, blue, hazel, violet, amethyst and gray.


Make Your Eyes Beautiful By Wearing These Cool Contact Lenses

cool contact lensesNowadays, there are several different types of cool contact lenses being sold online that comes in various designs and colour. Wearing these lenses will give you a cool and charming look, and they can easily be bought from an online shop and even on real markets worldwide.

Cool Contact Lenses Must Be Worn Within a Specified Period Only

The length of time that you are suppose to wear the cool contact lenses would vary, but will always depend on the tolerance level of your eyes,  especially when it comes to the continued use of the lenses. Your contacts should be worn within the prescribed time period only, especially those disposable contact lenses which should be thrown off after they expire. Furthermore, you must follow the advice of your doctor when it comes to wearing these lenses, and proper maintenance and care must be strictly followed. There are some rigid gas permeable lenses that are designed exclusively for wearing at night, and therefore, the comfort provided by these contact lenses is more enhanced.

Proper Research Is Important When Buying Cool Contacts

Buying cool contact lenses online must be done with utmost care and therefore, proper research must be done. You should gather more information as much as possible, and make your decision accordingly. If possible, ask some suggestions from friends, and if you are buying online, read all those testimonials and feedback regarding the contact lens that you intend on buying.  Also, check with your health insurance company if they cover the insurance for any of your vision-related problems. Always consult with a professional before deciding to buy any contact lens to avoid any problems.

Cool Contact Lenses Must be Cared for Properly

You have to maintain and clean your contacts properly so as to prevent any eye infection and vision related diseases to happen.  Heat disinfection is the best solution to prevent these infections to occur, so make sure that you clean and disinfect your contact lenses on a regular basis.

Sharingan Contact Lenses: Where Do they Come From?

SharSharingan Contact Lensesingan contact lenses actually came from the Japanese animated series, Naruto. A lot of story plots in this cartoon series revolve around these strange eyes, and that’s the reason why it has become so popular among Naruto fans. These contacts are so in demand in the market, due to growing popularity of Naruto, which is now being shown in TV all over the world.

The Origin of Sharingan Contact Lenses

In the Naruto series, the powers of some characters are related to their eyes, and as their powers progresses, the character of the person changes. Generally, the characters would be able to read the fighting styles of their opponents and thus, they could mimic their opponents’ moves, so they could easily achieve triumph.  This ability is common among ninjas that have certain bloodlines.

Different Varieties of Sharingan Contact Lenses

There are four styles to the appearance of this ocular bloodline which customers could purchase. The first is the scarlet iris that has a thin, black circle that’s surrounding the pupil halfway to the iris’s edge. And on this line, there are comma-like swirls with the Japanese tomoe symbols. Aside from these general designs, there are also three character-specific variants – first is a Japanese mitsutomoe, second is the variant of Japanese mitsutomoe, and the third is based on the symbol that is used to represent an atom. All these variants coincide with the advanced eye conditions that can be seen on the series, and is known as mangekyou or the kaleidoscope.

Character Specific Variants of Sharingan Contacts

The first variant, which is the Japanese mitsutomoe, consists of three tomoe, and this belongs to Itachi Uchiha, one of the characters in Naruto. The second, which is the variant of the mitsutomoe is more flowing and is more connected, and belongs to Kakashi Hatake. The last is totally different from the two variants and belongs to Sasuke Uchiha. There are also some other versions available for Sharingan contact lenses that you can buy.

Crazy Contact Lenses: The Most Suitable Lenses for Entertainment

Altcrazy contact lenseshough the main purpose of contact lenses is to correct one’s vision, there are also several crazy contact lenses that are being used for both fashion and entertainment. These special kinds of contact lenses are being worn either to flatter or to amuse people. Most of these lenses are colorful and outlandish, while some even comes with loud patterns and designs, while others look really scary.

Crazy Contact Lenses are for Entertainment Purposes

If corrective contacts are being worn to correct any visual defects, crazy contact lenses are worn by individuals just for mere entertainment. A lot of these lenses can be bought online, and they come in several different designs. These lenses are even used on horror films in order to provide a distinctive appearance to the character. These lenses are great for those who want to change the color of their eyes, making their eyes to look more outstanding and appealing.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses does not Require Prescription

Cosmetic contacts, like the crazy contact lenses can be bought even without a prescription – simply because they are not for vision correction purposes. But even though these lenses do not require prescription from a doctor, it is still highly recommended that people who are planning to wear these lenses must have their eyes checked regularly. Remember that eye exams are very important, because it helps to detect any abnormalities that your eyes may have. In some cases, these cosmetic contact lenses could lead to vision impairment, because of the material that they are made of. So make sure to choose the right ones so as to avoid any serious condition to happen, such as eye irritation.

Cosmetic Contacts Must Be Handled Well

If you are using cosmetic contact lenses, remember that these lenses must also be properly taken care of. Regular cleaning and disinfecting is a must, and if the lenses are disposables, be sure to dispose them on the right time. Like if you are using a one-time use contact lens, make sure that you discard them right after using it on a certain occasion or event. For as long as you handle the crazy contact lenses properly, it will not cause any long term eye damage or degradation.


The Latest Trends in Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween contact lensesMake your Halloween extra special by wearing the latest Halloween contact lenses in town. Wearing a costume is not enough to bring life to that ghost character you portray – you need to pair it with special effects contact lenses that you can easily buy online. For as long as you make sure that such lenses will not put your eye at risk, then go ahead and purchase the best contact lens that could complete your Halloween look.

Halloween Contact Lenses Come in Several Varieties

Halloween contact lenses are also known as special effects contact lenses, because they are often being used on films to make the character look real. You can find a lot of these lenses online in various styles, and at a very affordable price. You can go for simple colors or try to scare your friends away this Halloween by wearing those red-eyed alien contacts or the green-eyed reptile look. There are even those that have elaborate designs, like zebra stripes, stars, flowers, etc.

Halloween Contacts Could Scare Everyone Around

The most popular among the Halloween contact lenses being sold online are the hypnotic spirals, cat eye look, wolf eyes, eagle eyes, and bloodshot eyes. Wearing these lenses this Halloween is sure to frighten the people around you and you will surely be able to catch the attention of everyone, even making you the star of the night’s event.

Choose the Most Appropriate Lenses

One factor that you must consider when it comes to choosing the best Halloween contact lenses is that the lenses should be able to cover entirely the sclera, which is the white portion of your eyes. Or better yet, look for those lenses that cover just the pupil, or the eyeball. Whatever your choices are, there’s really plenty of them that you can choose from, especially if you browse online.

Anime Contact Lenses: Why are they so Striking?

Anime Contact LensesAnime contact lenses are absolutely stunning to look at – they make a person to look just like a famous Japanese anime character. They are now a growing trend, especially that a lot of youth these days idolizes several anime characters that they often seen on TV and some of those popular computer games in the Internet. So if you want to look just like your favorite anime Character,  grab a pair of anime contact lenses now and strut your stuff!

Anime Contact Lenses Make Your Eyes Look Endearing

Anime contacts make your iris to appear larger, and thus, creating an innocent and endearing look. There are several different kinds of anime contacts that have very wide lenses – you can choose the type that will make you to look just like your favorite anime character, or select something that will give you the color that you want your eyes to achieve.

Anime Contacts Come in Several Different Colors

There are several colors and types of contact lenses that you can choose from, which look just like the eyes of an anime character. Some famous colors are deep dark green, black, violet, and light blue. Wearing these lenses will help you to easily achieve the look of an Anime character, especially if you have the right make-up on. Normally, the maximum amount that you can wear these lenses is up to 30 times , although some are for one time use only.

Wearing Anime Contacts Shows Off Your Creativity

You would often see anime contact lenses on Cosplays, where anime fanatics gather around wearing their famous character’s costume. They would show off their creativity by copying their favorite character with the help of these lenses. So bring out the creativity in you by imitating your favorite anime character, and look for the best anime contacts that resembles the eyes of the character that you want to follow.

CIBA Contact Lenses: Reasons Why People Prefer CIBA Vision than any Other Brands

CIBA contact lenses

CIBA contact lenses are known to have many more varieties of contact lenses as compared to their competitors, the reason why they are considered to be a leading manufacturer of high quality contact lenses globally. CIBA Vision, the company behind CIBA contacts, focuses more on the research and development of the product, and that is the reason why CIBA contacts is the most preferred brand when it comes to fixing any vision-related problems. Here are the reasons why CIBA contacts are considered number one:

CIBA Contact Lenses are Ideal for People with Allergies

Focus Dailies contacts, one of the most popular lenses manufactured by CIBA could help people who are allergic to dusts and other tiny particles. These lenses are considered the cleanest and the smoothest lenses in the market and it also helps to keep your eyes to stay healthy. People with allergies should choose these lenses, but bear in mind that these lenses must be replaced every night, after each use, in order to eliminate any build up of dust.

CIBA Contact Lenses Can Be Used Up to 30 Days

You can use some of the CIBA contact lenses all day and all night. These are the extended contacts that can be worn for 30 consecutive days. You should not feel any eye-dryness by using these contacts because they allow six times more oxygen to reach the cornea of your eyes. In addition to that, you will no longer go through all the hassles of removing and cleaning the lenses every night.

Whatever your vision problem is, always make sure to consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist first before trying any contact lenses because he or she will be able to prescribe the best contact lenses for you.