Soft Contact Lenses – What Are They?

Soft Contact LensesThere are three major types of contact lenses – the Soft Contact Lenses, the rigid glass permeable, as well as the hard contact lenses. Of all the three, most physicians would highly recommend the soft contacts and the rigid glass permeable, as compared with the hard contact lenses.

What Are They Made of?

The Soft Contact Lenses are made of a material known as the hydrophilic plastic. This type of material is responsible for absorbing water on our eyes, making it soft and pliable, enough to fit well perfectly in the eyes. Soft contacts are the most popular vision correction contact lenses for it would perfectly curve right into your eyeballs without any complications.

Another reason why soft contacts are the most popular of all is because most eyes can adjust well to these types of contact lenses. And because they mold well to your eyeballs, there will be less chances that the dust particles and other harmful objects would get into your eyes that could lead to irritation. Patients who use them find it easier to handle, and they can just insert and remove it with ease for they stick to the fingers due to its soft texture.

How to Take Care of Your Soft Contact Lenses

Self contact lenses would require a lot of care and maintenance. It is also a good idea to use disposable Soft Contact Lenses for this would not require cleaning and maintenance – you can just dispose it after using. The thing is, disposables are more expensive, so expect to shell out more money if you prefer this. For non-disposable contact lenses however, cleaning it would involve dissolving it on a sterilizing solution, and right after cleaning, they must be stored properly on a storing solution.

Some Facts about the Bifocal Contact Lenses

Bifocal Contact LensesGood news to those who are nearsighted and farsighted for there are now bifocal contact lenses that were made for their benefit. Before, people were used to wearing those thick eyeglasses just to remedy their vision problems, but now, there are several contact lenses that they could wear to make them feel comfortable at all times.

But what are these bifocal contacts? How do we benefit from wearing these? Read on to find out.

Who Can Benefit From Bifocal Contact Lenses?

A person who is having difficulty looking at an object that’s near them needs a pair of Bifocal Contact Lenses. This eye condition is something that they call Presbyopia, and usually, such eye condition will not develop until they reach the age of 40. You are especially a good candidate for bifocal contacts if you’re used to wearing a pair of contacts and if you’ve tried wearing bifocal eyeglasses before. But above all, people who suffer from Presbyopia are highly advised to wear this pair of contacts even if they have not experienced wearing any types of contact lens before.

Just like with other types of contact lenses, it is recommended that you obtain a prescription from your doctor before you decide to purchase a pair of bifocal contact lenses. This is important because your doctor is the best person that could give you recommendations on the proper contact lens to wear. Your doctor will also measure your eyes so you would know what specific contact lens would fit you. When it’s your first time to wear the contact lens, expect that there will be some adjustment period before you will be used to wearing a pair of bifocal contacts.

Toric Contact Lenses – The Best Cure for Astigmatism

Toric Contact LensesDue to constant research and innovations, experts have finally developed a new breed of contacts that is not just made up of soft lens, and these are called the toric contact lenses. Unlike the typical contact lenses that are round in shape, the toric lens is oval-shaped and this shape of contacts is said to be able to provide more power and precision, both in horizontal or vertical focus.

Toric Contact Lenses Must Be Well Taken Care Of

Since Toric Contact Lenses do not mold with the cornea of your eyes, it is very important that you exercise proper precaution when wearing it. You must also store it in good condition at all times. When wearing toric contacts, it is important that you used to wear it in one position only in order to achieve the best visual acuity. Too much eye movements could reduce the contact lenses’ clarity and visibility, so make sure that you position it in one direction only. This is the reason why most contact lens manufacturers these days would come up with heavier toric lenses in order to prevent excessive eye movements.

Toric Contacts Are Suitable for those with Poor Vision

Toric contacts are ideal for individuals that have poor vision. This particular eyewear is also good for those who suffer from astigmatism and is known to prevent blurred vision.

Toric Contact Lenses are more expensive than a typical contacts lens. But if you are someone who suffers from astigmatism, this pair of contacts is worth investing for. It is highly recommended though that you see your doctor before you decide to purchase a pair of Toric Contacts.

CooperVision Steps Up Its Effort to Recall Their Avaira Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lensesCooperVision, one of the nation’s largest eye care companies have stepped up its efforts to publicize their recall of more than a half-million Toric Contact Lenses after coming under pressure from the Federal health regulators.

CooperVision Strengthen Their Efforts to Recall The Avaira Toric contact lenses

CooperVision has made their second announcement about the recall of a total of 600,000 Avaira Toric contact lenses that were said to have been linked to pain, red eye and blurry vision by the wearers. The company has first announced about the recall last Aug. 19 and said that they have focused their efforts to more than 7,000 eye care distributors who sell their contact lenses.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had said last Tuesday that a bigger effort is needed in order to alert consumers about these defective products, which are said to contain a residue as a result of a manufacturing problem.

FDA Continues to Monitor CopperVision’s Recall Efforts

Morgan Liscinsky, an FDA Spokesperson had said that the agency is continuing to review CooperVision’s announcement and want to make sure that they have appropriately addressed the agency’s concerns. According to them, if the company fails to address such concerns, they will issue their own public communication to warn the consumers.

CooperVision has promised to fully cooperate with the FDA and continues to monitor the situation closely. Some reports of hazy vision and discomfort were reported when the company first launched their Avaira contact lenses. It was said that there are more than 8 million contact lenses that were affected by these problems, and according to FDA, only 600,000 of these contact lenses made it to the U.S. market.

Tips on Buying Non Prescription Contact Lenses Online

Non Prescription Contact LensesNon Prescription Contact Lenses are the best solution to those who have poor eyesight. For some women however, they wear contact lenses in order to enhance the look of their eyes, aside from helping them to have better eyesight. There are several cosmetic contact lenses that are non-prescription, which you can simply purchase online. You can choose from several different colors and style. Here are the steps on how to purchase Non Prescription Contact Lenses online:

Step 1 – Visit an Eye Care Professional

The first thing to do is to visit an eye care professional to ask for some advices and recommendations on the best contact lenses that is suitable for you. These eye care professionals would measure your eyes in order to determine the right size of contact lens to buy, and this should serve as your guide in shopping for a pair of contact lenses online. Once you have your eye measured, it’s time to search online for the most suitable contact lenses for you.

Step 2- Know Your Budget before You Decide to Buy Non prescription contact lenses

It is important to know the price of the contact lens in advance to see if it suits your budget. You should also have in mind how much you are willing to spend for a pair of contacts. These days, there are several eye contacts that you can buy online, some at a higher price, while others are sold in a price you can afford. Just do your research well.

Step 3 – Consider Several Options

Do not rush into buying a pair of Non Prescription Contact Lenses if you are not yet sure about it. Consider several options – do not settle for just one style of contact lens and look from other online stores as well.  You might find something similar to what you want, and at a cheaper price.