A Consumer Guide to Buying Hard Contact Lenses

Hard Contact LensesThere are only a few people wearing Hard Contact Lenses these days. This is due to the improvement in technology, where there are now various types of contact lens that most people would prefer. Hard contacts are actually the traditional contact lens – these are the old type of contact lenses that were made of Polymethylmethacrylate.

Despite of the improvement in the technology of making contact lenses, these lenses are still known to offer the most excellent quality of vision correction, although it has some limitations. Read on to find out more about Hard Contact Lenses

It’s Hard to Get Used to Wearing Hard Contact Lenses

One of the limitations when it comes to wearing hard contacts is that they were just too difficult to get used to – they are not the most comfortable contact lens to wear. Another thing is that they do not have the ability to allow the oxygen to get into the cornea so easily, and therefore, there is a tendency that it would swell and obscure your vision. This swelling can even lead to a more serious eye condition and could even scratch your cornea. When this happens, you will have to stop wearing eye contacts for a while to allow your cornea to be healed.

Hard Contact Lenses are also known as the rigid contact lenses. But their rigid nature has caused the cornea to change shape, and that is why it becomes too difficult to wear eyeglasses right after removing the hard contacts. And because of this, the hard contacts were recently replaced by the gas permeable contact lens, which freely allows the oxygen to reach the cornea. This eliminates any possibility of swelling and will give the wearer an even better vision.