A Review of the Acuvue Contact Lenses

acuvue contact lensesAcuvue Contact lenses is the perfect choice if you want to create a statement and make heads turn to you wherever you may go. It is the best pair of contact lenses that could greatly enhance the color of your eyes, either for special occasion or just for beautification purposes.

Here’s what some other people say about acuvue contact lenses:

“I have been wearing Acuvue 2 lenses for  so long now and I am extremely happy with them. What I really love about them is that it comes with 3 choices for the comfort level – comfortable, super comfortable and something in between this two. And although the Acuvue 2 lenses that I’m wearing belongs to the first level of comfortable, in my opinion, it should belong under the “super-comfortable” category, because I really feel so at ease when I’m wearing them. Aside from giving me utmost comfort, this pair of contact lens made my eyes to really appear so beautiful, especially if I’m donning the blue color. Everyone says that the color on my eyes looks so natural, and they never thought I was wearing a pair of contact lenses!”

Paying for Enhancers – the Downside of Acuvue Contacts

“Acuvue are really great lenses, and for this, I never thought of buying any other brand, and I never will. Perhaps the only downside is on paying more for the “enhancers”, which also applies even for prescription acuvue contact lenses. But still, this applies to other brands of contacts though – and I think in anything in life, we really have to pay more for “cosmetic enhancements.” Still, it would really be nice if the enhancers will not cost you any amount of money. But given the quality of Acuvue lenses, I would still be willing to pay, because I am extremely satisfied with my acuvue contact lenses.”