All about Artificial Tears

If you’re a contact lens user, you’d probably know what artificial tears are. You would also know that this solution is a very effective remedy for contact lens discomfort. Artificial tears can relieve discomfort, because like natural tears, this solution provides instant hydration to occasional eye dryness. Artificial tears are lubricating eye drops intended for dry eyes or keratoconjunctivitis sicca, tear deficiency, contact lens maintenance and eye examination procedures. Artificial tears are commonly bought over the counter, making them available for everyone. It is important to note that this solution is not by any means a form of medication, but simply a supplemental agent used to prevent dry eyes.

Artificial tears contain several ingredients like water, salts and polymer. Organic chemicals such as carboxymethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose are also found in most artificial tears. Mild preservatives are occasionally used on these solutions to help them last longer. Using artificial tears on a long term basis can produce potential adverse reactions such as eye pain, redness, discomfort and visual disturbances. In case of such reactions, stop using the product and consult an eye specialist for further treatment and evaluation.

With contact lens use, always follow your eye doctor’s advice and recommendation. There are certain artificial tear solutions that go with certain types of contact lens. Be mindful with the products you’re using. If the solution does not go well with the contact lens, it might cause discoloration or even completely ruin the lens. Also, be aware that not all artificial tear solutions are for contact lens use, read the label and use only the right kind of solution. There are some solutions that have the “gets the red out” label; contact lens user should always remember to avoid this type. Solutions which eliminate redness, has blood vessel constricting properties, which can adversely affect the eye.