American Academy of Ophthalmology Warns the Public on Wearing Contact Lenses without Prescription

Wearing Contact LensesWearing contact lenses without prescription is dangerous. This is what American Academy Ophthalmology said on a recent article published by CMD Media. Decorative contact lens, such as the coloured contact lenses and novelty contacts are one of the latest trends in fashion among teens and adults these days, despite of the fact that they are not FDA approved. These contact lenses could lead to serious eye conditions which could obstruct our vision.

Buying Contact Lenses Online without Prescription is Dangerous

Several websites online advertise novelty contacts like they were beauty cosmetics that could enhance ones overall looks. Their target consumers are both teens and young adults. Because of this growing trend, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has warned parents and teens to avoid purchasing contact lenses without prescription online. It is always best to undergo eye examination and obtain a prescription from your ophthalmologist before you shop for contact lenses online in order to avoid serious eye disorders that could lead to blindness.

Find Out How Wearing Contact Lenses without Prescription Could Hurt Your Eyes

Laura Butler of West Virginia has tried buying a pair of novelty contact lenses through a souvenir shop during one of her vacations. She was not aware that Wearing Contact Lenses without prescriptions could lead to danger. After a few hours of wearing the contacts she has bought, she had felt extreme pain on both her eyes. She found out that the contact lens she bought do not fit her eyes well because she was not properly fitted by her ophthalmologist before she purchased the contact lens. When the contacts were removed, it resulted to corneal abrasions and has lead to painful infection.

So as you can see, Wearing Contact Lenses that are not properly fitted for your eyes could pose some risk to our eyes. Make sure to see your doctor before buying a pair of contact lenses.