Animal Eyes

For those who want to stand out from the crowd, be exceptionally unique and undeniably different, looking like an animal might be what you need. When I say looking like an animal, it doesn’t mean that you have to grow fur, spots, claws, fangs or any other non-human appendages; this statement simply means, having an animalistic appeal, a type of force and aura that is very wild, exotic but at the same time beautiful. Being an animal and possessing the so-called animalistic appeal all starts with the eyes.
If you want to sport fierce wolf-eyes, sexy tiger-eyes or even sweet and large doe eyes, animal style contact lenses might just do the trick for you. Other than Halloween and costume parties, animal style contacts can be worn anytime at any place. You can wear them on a night out on town or even when you’re inside the office, working. Many contact lens manufacturers created various animal designs that include cat eyes, jaguar eyes, zebra stripes and dragon eyes. This variety gives the consumer options, on what type of animal suits their personality. For people who have extra money to spend, they can even opt for a customized animal design made specifically for them. Animal contacts lenses can be with prescription or without prescription.
Like all contact lenses, before wearing animal contacts, consultation with an eye professional is needed. Proper care for this type of eye wear requires a special solution and container. Each contact lens should only be worn by 1 individual; sharing of lenses should not be done since it can lead to serious eye infections and improper fitting. Animal contact lenses should only be bought from authorized dealers. Products bought from these sellers are safe and approved by the food and drug authority or FDA. Buying unclean and poorly manufactured contact lenses may cause irritation, corneal abrasion and even permanent blindness.