Anime Contact Lenses Pose Scary Health Risk

Anime Contact LensesColour contact lenses, such as the Anime Contact Lenses can be hazardous to your health. Colour contacts are becoming so in these days especially because Anime characters are becoming more and more popular among teenage girls and boys.

Halloween Contact Lenses are A Hazard to Your Eye’s Health

These popular Halloween accessories can be a hazard to your eye’s health. Although colour contact lenses help to make you look great and attractive, it could actually put you in danger if it’s not properly prescribed. An undercover investigation was done to find out the truth about these illegal selling of contact lenses. Indeed, it was found out that colour contact lenses are being sold illegally at several stores worldwide. But it is important to understand that the lenses themselves aren’t illegal. It becomes illegal when it is being sold without a prescription.

Unauthorized Sale of Anime Contact Lenses Has Been Banned by FDA

The unauthorized sale of cosmetic contacts, such as the Anime Contact Lenses, has been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since 2005. This was after several cases of people suffered eye damage. But when we tried to buy a set of purple contacts with no doctor, no prescription or whatever, we were surprised that there are no questions asked and the product was handed to us right away, saying, “They will be $24.99 for one if you buy two I will give it to you for$40,” the clerk said.

Fashion shops and flea market operators, like the one where we bought the lenses from, illegally sell the contact lenses and do not have the right training needed to teach customers how to use the contact lenses, how to care for them, and what will happen in case you leave them in for too long. Doctors say that this can be a breeding ground for infection for it can happen pretty quickly – eye infections happen fast.