The Proper Way of Wearing Disposable Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses is a good way to correct poor eyesight, for it allows you to do things easily and in a normal way, as compared to wearing eyeglasses. For first timers, there are disposable contact lenses available in the market that you can buy and these do not require too much of your time cleaning. However, you should always check with your optometrist first to avoid any problems.

Those who are new in wearing disposable contact lenses would encounter some problems when it comes to placing the very delicate lens on their eyes. They are afraid that they might accidentally touch their eyeballs, and could lead to some pain. So to avoid this injury, check out the video below for the proper way of wearing disposable contact lenses.


The Proper Way of Handling Colour Contact Lenses

Wearing colour contact lenses could make a big difference on your appearance, as it could enhance the overall look of your eyes. Corrective colour contact lenses require a prescription from an optometrist, although in Canada cosmetic colour contacts do not.

Just like other types of contact lenses, make sure to soak and cleanse your colour contact lenses before putting it on. Refer to the instructions that come with the lens in order to know the correct way of cleansing.

Make sure to wash your hands before putting the colour contact lenses on, and always cleanse the lenses after each use.

Refer to the video below for more information on the proper way of handling your colour contact lenses.


Anime Contact Lenses Pose Scary Health Risk

Anime Contact LensesColour contact lenses, such as the Anime Contact Lenses can be hazardous to your health. Colour contacts are becoming so in these days especially because Anime characters are becoming more and more popular among teenage girls and boys.

Halloween Contact Lenses are A Hazard to Your Eye’s Health

These popular Halloween accessories can be a hazard to your eye’s health. Although colour contact lenses help to make you look great and attractive, it could actually put you in danger if it’s not properly prescribed. An undercover investigation was done to find out the truth about these illegal selling of contact lenses. Indeed, it was found out that colour contact lenses are being sold illegally at several stores worldwide. But it is important to understand that the lenses themselves aren’t illegal. It becomes illegal when it is being sold without a prescription.

Unauthorized Sale of Anime Contact Lenses Has Been Banned by FDA

The unauthorized sale of cosmetic contacts, such as the Anime Contact Lenses, has been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since 2005. This was after several cases of people suffered eye damage. But when we tried to buy a set of purple contacts with no doctor, no prescription or whatever, we were surprised that there are no questions asked and the product was handed to us right away, saying, “They will be $24.99 for one if you buy two I will give it to you for$40,” the clerk said.

Fashion shops and flea market operators, like the one where we bought the lenses from, illegally sell the contact lenses and do not have the right training needed to teach customers how to use the contact lenses, how to care for them, and what will happen in case you leave them in for too long. Doctors say that this can be a breeding ground for infection for it can happen pretty quickly – eye infections happen fast.

Make Up Tips for People Who Are Fond of Colour Contact Lenses

Colour Contact LensesPeople who are fond of wearing Colour Contact Lenses knew how difficult it is to choose the right make-up to enhance your overall look. Choosing the right makeup to accentuate your eyes is more difficult, because it should be able to complement the Colour Contact Lenses that you wear.

The Proper Way of Applying An Eye Make-up

Wearing a pair of good Colour Contact Lenses is already striking, but it is also important to ensure that the rest of your makeup looks just right. Renato Almeida, a Shiseido make-up artist once told the Washington Post that people who have brown eyes and wear contact lenses can just get away with anything, because the shades of their eyes is suitable to almost every colour.

He further advised that in order to achieve a smoky eye, it is best to use purple, green, bronze and deep blue eye shadow. When it comes to putting on the make-up, it is advised that you do your eyes first. In fact, this is the key to having a clean eye make-up. By doing this, you can clean any shadow as soon as you finish the eye makeup application.

The Make-up Colour Must Complement Your Colour Contact Lenses

For those who wear blue contact lenses, Mr. Almeida has suggested another trick which is to trace the inside rim of your eyes by the use of a beige coloured pencil. This is to conceal any redness on your eyes, because this will give a striking effect without over-powering. He also advised that in order for those who wear contact lenses to look their best, you must ensure that their makeup colour has been carefully selected in a way that it complements the entire colour of their eyes.

Unfortunately, most people who wear coloured contact lenses often encounter problems when it comes to choosing the right makeup. But by taking their time and listening to the suggestions and opinions of their family and friends, you can ensure that you will look great when wearing your coloured contacts.