Avoid improper use of Decorative Contacts Such As Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween Contact LensesA lot of people would shop for Halloween Contact Lenses during the months of October to November in order to commemorate Halloween. And because of this, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would always remind the public about the dangers of buying decorative contacts at this time of the year. These are contact lenses that people use to imitate monstrous look, by changing the color of their eyes.

According to James Saviola, a leader of the Ophthalmic and Ear, Nose and Throat Devices network in FDA, “Unauthorized use of decorative contact lenses is a concern year round, but it is during Halloween that people are inclined to use them as costume accessories.” But the problem is not about the fact that people use Halloween Contact Lenses, the problem has something to do with using the contact lenses in the wrong way, which can be dangerous to your eyes.

Buying Contact Lenses Requires Prescription

Just like with the corrective contact lenses, buying decorative contacts, such as the Halloween Contact Lenses would require a doctor’s prescription. There was a recent regulation which considers selling decorative contact lenses over the counter as illegal. But still, a lot of consumers can buy nonprescription contact lenses online and even on some flea markets, beauty salons and beach shops.

FDA’s main concern is that when these contacts are bought without any valid prescription, or without the recommendation of an eye care professional, wearing such contact lenses can lead to significant eye risks, including eye injuries and worst, it can even lead to blindness.

Unauthorized buying of contact lenses can lead to significant risks to the eye, which includes corneal ulcers, abrasion of the cornea, impairment of one’s vision and blindness.

Things to Watch Out for When Buying Halloween Contact Lenses

Always undergo an eye exam from an eye care professional, even if you have a perfect vision.

Always obtain a valid prescription which would indicate the brand of the contact lens, including its dimensions.

Always purchase contact lenses from an eye care professional only or from a vendor who would require consumers to present a valid prescription.

Always follow directions in cleaning, disinfecting, and wearing then Halloween contact lenses, and if you feel something is wrong, see your eye doctor right away in order to undergo eye examinations.