Beware: Black Contact Lenses for Halloween Could Make You Go Blind

Black Contact LensesThere is nothing that would complete a scary Halloween costume than a pair of creepy Black Contact Lenses. There are also other varieties of scary contacts perfect for Halloween, such as the cat eyes, bloody red vampire eyes and white zombie eyes. But do you know that these contact lenses could lead to blindness?

Black Contact Lenses are Highly in Demand during Halloween

Novelty contact lenses can now be found all over the Internet and can be easily purchased even without prescription. And now that Halloween is approaching, it is expected that a lot of Halloween partygoers would shop for these scary contact lenses, such as the Black Contact Lenses, in order to complete their Halloween party ensembles.

American Academy of Ophthalmology Warns the Public on Buying Non-prescribed Novelty Contact Lenses

But the American Academy of Ophthalmology warned the public on buying these novelty contact lenses for the Halloween since these lenses were not properly fitted for you, and might cause some eye infections that could lead to blindness. Nevertheless, there are still so many sites that sell Halloween Contact lenses, claiming that the contact lenses they are selling are FDA-approved. But most non-prescribed contact lenses are not FDA-approved.

The New Federal law mandates that all Plano Theatrical Contact Lenses will be considered as Medical Devices, and therefore, the contact lens wearer must personally see an eye care professional for some eye examinations and fitting before obtaining a valid prescription. This prescription must be presented to the distributor of the contact lens before you could purchase a pair of those contact lenses, whether for medical purposes or for novelty purposes.