Contact Lens Trivia

We all know what a contact lens is. We know what its uses are, what it does to our vision and how it should be properly handled and cared for. We even know how a pair of contact lens enhances our facial features and make us look more beautiful. A contact lens is more than just an eye wear that corrects vision. This piece of device is a result of all the hard work, creativity, imagination and extraordinary knowledge of all the inventors and creators behind it.
The topic on contact lenses need not be serious all the time. There are fun facts and trivia online pokies games about this piece of innovative eye wear.
• Did you know that the First US president to wear contact lenses was Ronald Reagan? According to the Reagan library, Ronald Reagan started wearing contacts when he began acting. Reagan was nearsighted as a child as wore eye glasses up to high school.

• The first person to suggest the use of contact lenses to correct vision was Leonardo da Vinci. During 1508, he initially designed the concept of the contact lens. In that time, he thought of neutralizing the cornea and substituting a new refracting surface on top of it.

• The Contact Lens is designed to rest on the cornea, not on any other structure on the eye. The cornea is the clear out surface of the eye. Contacts adhere in place because of the tear film that covers the front portion of the eye.

• Did you know that when you blink, the contact lens slightly moves? This motion allows the contacts to glide over the eye’s surface keeping it lubricated and well hydrated.

• The use of contact lens as a medical device is indicated for patients with eye conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and reading problems.