Contact Lenses Must Not Be Worn For Too Long

Recently, a news report surfaced advising contact lens wearers not to keep the products in their eyes for too long, or not to exceed the manufacturer’s recommended wear time.

Most contact lenses, especially the disposable contact lenses, come with instructions for the patient to follow. Normally, the instructions would include also some guidance on how long will the contact lens can be worn or re-worn. These lenses must also be kept in the right solution to clean them, and proper care needs to be taken when handling these lenses.

Experts say that protein from tears could build-up on the contact lenses and may lead to some abrasions, thus, putting you at high risk to eye infections. In this case, it is best that you consider wearing disposable contact lenses instead.

To know more about disposable contacts, check out this video on how to wear 30-Day Contact Lenses: