Easy Tips on How to Remove Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses need to be removed for numerous reasons and occasions. For starters, the eyes need to breathe, literally. As light weight and as comfortable as they are, contact lenses are still foreign objects that can irritate the eye if worn for long periods. Comfort is another reason why contact lenses need to be removed. When worn for long hours, contacts can strain the eye and cause minor discomforts, most especially when the eye dries out. Knowing how to correctly remove contact lenses is as important as knowing how to apply them. Here are some easy tips on how to remove your contact lenses.

• Do not forget to wash your hands with mild soap and water, wipe them dry right after.

• It is best to use a flat table while sitting in front of a mirror. Make sure to have your contact lens container, contact lens solution and clean paper towels on hand.

• Removal procedures vary, depending on the type of contact lens used. For soft contact lenses, apply 2 to 3 drops of rewetting solution on each eye, 10 minutes prior to removing them. Doing this keeps the lens rehydrated. Hard contact lenses as well as Rigid contact lenses do not have special removal procedures.

• With contact lens removal, it is advisable to pull down the lower eyelid rather than pulling the upper eyelid up, doing this will make it easier for you to maneuver the lens towards the white portion of the eye, located on the side of the head.

• Once the lens is on the white portion of the eye, gently pinch it out using your thumb and index finger. Make sure to have your finger nails short and clean. Sharp and dirty nails can damage the lens and irritate the eye.

• Practice makes perfect – keep on practicing until you master the skill of contact lens removal.