Everything You Need To Know About Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Silicone HydrogelSilicone hydrogel contact lenses are considered to be one of the most excellent types of contact lens in the market these days. The growing popularity of contact lenses has led to the invention of a more comfortable and efficient types of contacts and one of these are the silicone contacts.

What are Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses?

Made from silicon polymer, the Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses contains a substance that helps to moisturize the eyes well, thus, making it the most comfortable to wear out of all the contact lenses in the market these days.

Silicone hydrogel contacts are the latest innovation of contact lens, and are the most permeable contacts ever invented. Silicone hydrogel contact lens allows a generous amount of oxygen to get in to the lens, and eventually reach the cornea of the eyes. It’s the oxygen that helps to refresh your eyes, helping you see clearly and with less discomfort. There are also some silicone contacts that could last even up to 30 days of using.

The moment you wear the Silicone Hydrogel contacts, you will feel the difference immediately. This is because its air penetrable form would let the oxygen pass through so easily and allows your eyes to breathe-in about five to six times more oxygen as compared with ordinary contacts in the market. This is the primary reason why most people would choose to wear silicone contacts, despite the fact that these contacts are generally more expensive than non-silicone lenses, especially in the perspective of a price-conscious consumer.