Eye Make-Up Tips for Contact Lens Users

Who doesn’t like eye make-up? I’m guessing only a few handful of women dislike this very popular cosmetic product and vanity tool. Eye make-up makes the eye pop, from colorful shadows, to liners that give definition to the eye’s shape and down to the eye mascara that makes the lashes long, thick and beautiful. All these eye make-up can do wonders to any girl and occasionally even guys. Can something this good be harmful? Unfortunately, eye make-up can potentially harm the eye, most especially for those who wear contacts. Eye make-up can irritate the eye, much more if there’s a pair of contact lens involved. Eye shadows, eyeliners and eye mascaras tend to stick on the contact lens, which can ultimately ruin the device. Some make-up can be removed but most of them stick permanently, damaging the soft and delicate outer layer of the contact lens. Listed below are some eye make-up tips, intended specifically for contact lens users.

1) Choose your eye make-up wisely. Stay away from powders and liquid make-up. These two have a higher chance of entering the eye, liquid make-up are most of the time water proof, which makes them more harmful. Water-based hypoallergenic eye make-up is the best option you can go for. This type of eye make-up is safe and rarely goes inside the eye

2) Always apply your contact lens before the eye make-up, never vice-versa. Like other procedures, both hands must be clean and dry and the finger nails must be short and dull. Handle both the contact lens and eye make-up with care.

3) Ideally, eye shadows, liners and mascaras must be replaced every 3 to 6 months. Cosmetic products make good breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

4) Remove contact lenses before removing the eye make-up. Similar to the application process, the removal should be done carefully and as sanitary as possible.