First Myopia Control Centre Opens in Kitchener, Ontario

(KITCHENER, ONTARIO, February, 2018) Kitchener-Waterloo residents who are distressed to see their childrens’ vision worsen over time have a new option. The Kitchener Myopia Control Centre is now open and has begun evaluating the candidacy of children and teens for myopia control services.

“Myopia Control” refers to a collection of newer technologies which can slow the progression or limit the severity of myopia, or “near-sightedness”. It has proven in studies to be especially effective with children, for whom the rate of myopic progression is typically the highest.

While improved vision can benefit any child, active children may especially benefit. Myopia control techniques such as ortho-k can allow children to participate in sports without eyeglasses, where glasses or contacts would have otherwise been needed. In other cases, myopia control can reduce the required strength of glasses, also reducing their thickness and weight.

Myopia control techniques are administered by an Optometrist, and typically involve an initial assessment and follow-up treatments. Myopia control services provided by the Kitchener Myopia Control Centre include orthokeratology (“ortho-k”), custom soft contact lenses, and atropine treatment.

Over the past decade Myopia control methods have become available throughout much of the United States, and in the larger Canadian Cities. The opening of the Kitchener Myopia Control Centre may offer significant convenience for local residents while improving public health options.

For more information on Myopia Control or patient candidacy, contact:

Kitchener Myopia Control Centre
1187 Fischer-Hallman Rd.
Unit 628 (Building 600), 2nd floor
Kitchener, Ontario
N2E 4H9

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