Guide to Buying Monthly Contact Lenses

monthly contact lensesMonthly contact lenses must be replaced on a monthly basis, or as directed by your optometrist. The development of contact lenses that are made of silicon hydrogel is considered as the biggest innovation in monthly disposable contact lenses. These types of lenses allow seven times more oxygen to pass through the eye, making your eyes to stay healthy and it also lowers the risk of any contact lens infection.

Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Monthly Wear Contact Lenses

Since monthly contact lenses are to be worn for a long period of time, which is usually for one month, proper care and maintenance is highly important. This is because the tears on your eyes are filled with mineral deposits that could build-up on your lenses, and therefore, if you do not clean them properly well, then these deposits could lead to some discomfort and infection. Always ask your optometrist for some advices on the proper way to take care of the lens, or you may refer to the packaging of the contact lenses that you’ve bought for some instructions and directions on cleaning the lenses properly. If you have any questions about the recommended process, then you have to contact your optometrist because he/she is the best person that you could run to for some advices regarding this.

Comfort Offered by Monthly Contact Lenses

When the monthly wear contact lenses were first introduced, several researches have been carried out in order to ensure that they are safe to be used for such a long period of time. The latest trend in contact lenses is the silicone hydrogel lenses which allow seven times more oxygen to pass through the cornea, as compared with the traditional contact lenses. The presence of oxygen is very important on our monthly contact lenses because it keeps the eyes to stay healthy, and thus, reduce any chances of eye infection.