Halloween Contact Lenses

You’ve spent days on perfecting your Incredible Hulk costume. You even practiced your growl, and your snarl.  But the truth is, without those bright green angry Hulk eyes, people won’t know you from Cinderella.

Halloween Contacts

Halloween contacts (more properly called “cosmetic contact lenses”, as opposed to “prescription contact lenses”), continue to gain popularity because of the fun and interesting looks they deliver, for minimal effort. A few of the most popular Halloween contacts have been:

  • Roach contacts
  • Gremlin contacts
  • Zombie contacts
  • Cat contacts
  • Vampire contacts
  • Glow in the dark “rave” contacts

These common styles are available from the larger contact lens manufacturers , and the full variety of lenses offered is surprising.

Color Contact Lenses

In the broader category of cosmetic contacts, color contact lenses are the hottest item. These are simply non-prescription contacts where the iris (the coloured part of the eye) is covered by a fake, coloured iris printed on the contact lens surface. The effect is often impressive, and passable by all but an intimate inspection.

Theatrical Contact Lenses

Theatrical contact lenses come in similar designs as Halloween contacts, and serve a similar purpose. However some theatrical contacts cover the entire visible eye, not just the cornea. The effect is even more dramatic – a fully-coloured eyeball with enough detail for a full-screen close-up. As these lenses cover more of the eye, careful fitting and maintenance is required. They are also more expensive, averaging about $300 per pair.

Special Effects Contact Lenses

This includes Halloween or theatrical lenses, or can refer to other popular sub-categories of cosmetic lenses, including: