Hybrid Contact Lenses for Astigmatism: Better than Toric Contact Lenses

contact lenses for astigmatismEye care doctors recently revealed that the new Duette hybrid contact lenses for astigmatism works way better than the Toric soft contact lenses, as an aid to people with astigmatism. This was according to SynergEyes Inc., the company behind the Duette contact lens.

Duette Contact Lenses Are Not Affected By the Rotation of the Lenses

Duette hybrid lenses are not affected by the rotation of the lenses when worn, unlike the toric soft contacts for astigmatism. This is actually the main reason why a lot of patients would prefer these new contacts as opposed to the toric lenses. Frequent rotation of the lenses could lead to blur and inconsistent vision, and could affect the person’s ability to see clearly at night.

Duette Contact Lenses for Astigmatism Are Made of Rigid Gas Permeable (GP)

These new hybrid contact lenses are equipped with a rigid gas permeable (GP) center, and are surrounded by a peripheral zone that is made from a soft lens material. Duette is the latest hybrid contact lens that SynergEyes Inc. has produced which features a highly oxygen-permeable GP optical zone, with a skirt of silicone hydrogel material in the surrounding. This material works better than the usual soft hydrogel lens material for it has the ability to transmit more oxygen to the eyes.

Duette Contact Lenses Features a Patent-Pending Surface

The Duette hybrid contact lens also features a patent-pending surface treatment known as the HealthyEyes, which increases the lens’ ability to become wet, thus, reducing the buildup of protein, in order to achieve a maximum wearing comfort. Duette contact lenses for astigmatism were first released in the market last January 1, 2011, and are now available all over the United States.