Hybrid Contact Lenses – Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Contact LensesThe concept of combining the features of both the rigid lens optics and the soft lens has given birth to the Hybrid Contact Lenses. Hybrid contacts are made primarily for astigmatism.

The New Duette Hybrid Contact Lenses

The new Duette Hybrid Contact Lenses are suitable for patients with astigmatism, and these lenses are said to be even better than that of the toric soft contact lens, which are made specifically for astigmatic individuals. These lenses address the common vision problems such as less-than-optimal vision, as well as night vision problems. The Duette hybrid lenses are not affected in any way by the rotation of the lenses on the eyes, which can sometimes trigger a blurry vision.

Hybrid Contacts consists of two parts – the center portion is made of rigid gas permeable material that provides high oxygen permeability to the cornea and has the ability to correct farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. Moreover, these lenses give-off a clear and high definition vision even during night time. On the other hand, the peripheral area of the hybrid contacts consists of silicon hydrogel skirt that provides an all-day comfort to the wearer.

Hybrid Contacts Are Comfortable to the Eyes

Hybrid contacts also have the technology of healthy eyes surface treatment which acts like a wetting agent to the lens, in order to keep the lens moist all day long. In a hybrid contact lens, the wearer gets the best of both worlds, since it is comfortable to wear plus the lens will give you an optimum sharp vision. Hybrid lenses are perfect for those who suffer from presbyopia, astigmatism, myopia and many more. These types of contact lenses allow the eyes to see better and more clearly in the most comfortable way.