New Survey Reveals that Only A Few Amount of Time Is Being Spent Researching for the Best Contact Lenses to Wear

Best Contact LensesA new survey revealed that contact lens wearers spent only a few amount of time in researching for the best contact lenses to wear. The survey was conducted by Bausch + Lomb, one of the leading lenses manufacturers in the world.

Contact Lens Wearers are More Interested on the Latest Gadgets than On the Latest Contact Lenses

The result of the poll indicates that around 80 percent of the contact lens wearers all over the world owned the latest gadgets – high definition flat screen TVs, the most high-tech digital cameras, and many more. They found these gadgets more important to research than the best contact lenses to wear. They agreed that they are not concern about the latest contact lenses available, and they would be more interested if there is a latest gadget that will be released in the market. The result of the poll indicates that seven out of ten contact lens wearers spent less than an hour looking for a contact lens to buy.

Contact Lens Wearers Would Ask Their Doctors to Look for the Best Contact Lenses for Them

A good number of contact lens wearers would ask their optometrist to look for the Best Contact Lenses to wear, instead of them looking for one. They believe that their doctor is more knowledgeable about this, so they leave it up to them.

Nick Dash, a director of Vision Edge Optometric group said that the result of the survey is a clear indication that people are no longer giving importance to the health care of their eyes. He further stressed that most people would rather analyze the complex information on the latest gadget innovation but would not investigate the technology that’s behind the latest contact lenses that are being sold in the market today.