Nightly Contact Lenses – Are They Safe?

nightly contact lensesNightly contact lenses are designed to be worn overnight, and must be taken off in the morning, right after you wake up. Now the question that most people have about these lenses is this – “Are they safe?” Read on to find out.

Nightly Contact Lenses are Overnight Vision Correctors (OVC)

Some eye experts would often warn contact lens wearers not to sleep with their contact lenses on. But this will not apply on night contact lenses, for they are made for the purpose of wearing at night during your sleep. Traditional optometrists have always told their patients that wearing contact lenses while sleeping could cause many contact lens problems. But due to the advent of technology, there are now overnight vision correctors, or OVC night contact lenses that can be worn even if you are sleeping. These lenses work at night, so you don’t really need to wear them during daytime. And yes, they are definitely safe to be used at night, and are clinically approved to sleep in.

Why are Nightly Contact Lenses different?

Nightly contacts are made from high quality of materials, and these materials are highly oxygen permeable. They are specially designed to be used for sleeping at night. Furthermore, some of these nightly contact lenses are made from Boston XO2 by Bausch and Lomb, which is known as the highest oxygen permeable material of all, and therefore, oxygen can freely pass into the eyes when wearing these lenses.