Brown coloured contact lenses

Do you love your dark brown coloured eyes but wishes that they would pop out more? There are various shades of brown coloured contact lenses that would do the trick. Affordable and safe coloured contact lenses are in the market and can be bought without prescription. One does not need to go out of their way to completely change to another eye colour. Sticking with a brown coloured shade will make it more subtle and natural. Coloured contact lenses are available in different tones, in fact, there are some that are tri-tone which makes them look even more natural looking.

These brown coloured contact lenses with grades are also available for those who have poor eyesight and wishes to give their eye colour a pretty transformation.


Cheap contact lenses for fashionable teens

Recently, contact lenses have begun to be a fad for most teenagers. From the usual coloured contact lenses, tri-toned colour contact lenses to anime inspired contact lenses, these contact lenses have truly taken it to the next level from being just an alternative for eyeglasses.

Colour contact lenses seem to be identified as part of a teenage girl or a woman’s cosmetic necessity. Certain eye colours complement certain coloured dresses making a finer ensemble. They are also available in different fancy designs that are very much welcomed by the teens especially those dolly eye contact lenses that make eyes look a lot bigger like a doll’s.

The target market being teens and with the help of technology, cheap contact lenses are available so that teenagers could afford them. Despite being cheap, these contact lenses are safe especially if used properly.


The advantages of disposable contact lenses

Even before disposable contact lenses were made available in the market, it has been strongly recommended for contact lens users to replace their contact lenses as frequent as possible. Contact lenses should be maintained fresh as possible to keep them comfortable on the eyes. However, lipids and proteins get into these contact lenses which catalyze wear and tear and may also be a cause of irritation or discomfort.

The problem then was that contact lenses were expensive. However, due to technology, affordable and disposable contact lenses are now available in the market. Aside from its main objective which is to encourage contact lens users to replace their contact lenses with fresh ones as frequent as possible, these disposable contact lenses also allow the users to have a wider variation of the colors of contact lenses they wish to have. They do not even have to get a pair at a time since the price of disposable contact lenses are cheap, they can get a variety of coloured contact lenses at the same time.

The video below will serve as a guide on the types of disposable contact lenses


Cosmetic contact lenses

Costume parties are very fun because they allow us to portray interesting things we fancy such as anime, animals or even anything out of this world. Cosmetic contact lenses make us portray the characters more credibly or convincingly. How can anyone be a Sasuke without his Sharingan or a cat without those tantalizing cat eyes?

These cosmetic contact lenses are popular especially during the Halloween where everybody opts for scary looking eyes while some just do it for fashion statement. Some cosmetic contact lenses are not that unusual looking that they can still be worn fashionably such as dolly eyes contact lenses.


What I need to know about disposable contact lenses?

In recent times, many people choose to live a fast-paced lifestyle. A kind of lifestyle where in the most important resource above everything else, is time.  Some people would love to have more than 24 hours in their day just to do all the things that need to be done. Professional careers, leisure activities and personal commitments are among the things that keep the modern man busy. Finding time and making time for all these things has always been a major issue, which is why essential items such as contact lenses have been modified to suit this kind of lifestyle.

Disposable contacts are worn for a certain period of time; these disposable lenses are then replaced with a new pair every few weeks, months or even longer. Disposable contact lenses are categorized, based on how frequent they need to be replaced. Disposable lenses are usually replaced every 2 weeks; frequent replacement lenses are changed every 1 to 2 months and traditional or reusable lenses are replaced every 6 months. Disposable contact lenses can be worn by almost everyone. Eye care practitioners can prescribe and recommend the right pair for the right patient.

Other than convenience, disposable contact lenses help maintain eye health and comfort. Changing contact lenses frequently is good for the eyes. Natural substances such as protein, calcium and lipids, which are found in the eye, can build up and deposit on the lenses, making them uncomfortable for the wearer. This build up can also increase the risk of eye infection. Regular cleaning of the lenses can help minimize these effects, but ultimately replacement is more effective.Fresher is Better


Smart tips on cleaning your contact lenses

It is very essential to make sure that contact lenses should be kept clean. After all, anything we put on our bodies should always be maintained clean and fresh especially for sensitive parts of the body such as our eyes. It is quite common for contact lenses to be taken for granted. Sometimes despite the usual instructions to not put them on for more than 8 hours or to not sleep with them, people do them anyway. People who wear contact lenses must understand that simply because it feels as if they are barely there, does not mean that it can just be taken for granted just like that.

Why do we need to keep our contact lenses clean?

1. Our eyes like other parts of our body get exposed from dirt. It is highly recommended that we clean our contact lenses with a contact lens solution before and after using it. Not doing so may result to irritation.

2. Clean contact lenses help improve its longevity. By maintaining the contact lenses clean, chemicals that could possibly taint the contact lenses’ fragile form could be prevented.

The video below shows how to clean your contact lenses properly


Colour contact lenses: instant oomph to your facial features

Have you ever wondered if blue eyes would suit you rather than your original brown eyes? Do you want hazel brown eyes to match your mahogany couloured hair? If you have, then you can now stop wondering by trying out colour contact lenses.

Colour contact lenses are best if one wishes to exude an instant change to one’s facial features. There are those that are cheap, disposable and yet safe for those who wish to try them out for themselves. It is undeniable that contact lenses are now more than just a necessity for those who have poor eyesight for they can now be considered as fashion statements.

The video below will show a few examples of women wearing coloured contact lenses.


Anime Contact Lenses Pose Scary Health Risk

Anime Contact LensesColour contact lenses, such as the Anime Contact Lenses can be hazardous to your health. Colour contacts are becoming so in these days especially because Anime characters are becoming more and more popular among teenage girls and boys.

Halloween Contact Lenses are A Hazard to Your Eye’s Health

These popular Halloween accessories can be a hazard to your eye’s health. Although colour contact lenses help to make you look great and attractive, it could actually put you in danger if it’s not properly prescribed. An undercover investigation was done to find out the truth about these illegal selling of contact lenses. Indeed, it was found out that colour contact lenses are being sold illegally at several stores worldwide. But it is important to understand that the lenses themselves aren’t illegal. It becomes illegal when it is being sold without a prescription.

Unauthorized Sale of Anime Contact Lenses Has Been Banned by FDA

The unauthorized sale of cosmetic contacts, such as the Anime Contact Lenses, has been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since 2005. This was after several cases of people suffered eye damage. But when we tried to buy a set of purple contacts with no doctor, no prescription or whatever, we were surprised that there are no questions asked and the product was handed to us right away, saying, “They will be $24.99 for one if you buy two I will give it to you for$40,” the clerk said.

Fashion shops and flea market operators, like the one where we bought the lenses from, illegally sell the contact lenses and do not have the right training needed to teach customers how to use the contact lenses, how to care for them, and what will happen in case you leave them in for too long. Doctors say that this can be a breeding ground for infection for it can happen pretty quickly – eye infections happen fast.

Make Up Tips for People Who Are Fond of Colour Contact Lenses

Colour Contact LensesPeople who are fond of wearing Colour Contact Lenses knew how difficult it is to choose the right make-up to enhance your overall look. Choosing the right makeup to accentuate your eyes is more difficult, because it should be able to complement the Colour Contact Lenses that you wear.

The Proper Way of Applying An Eye Make-up

Wearing a pair of good Colour Contact Lenses is already striking, but it is also important to ensure that the rest of your makeup looks just right. Renato Almeida, a Shiseido make-up artist once told the Washington Post that people who have brown eyes and wear contact lenses can just get away with anything, because the shades of their eyes is suitable to almost every colour.

He further advised that in order to achieve a smoky eye, it is best to use purple, green, bronze and deep blue eye shadow. When it comes to putting on the make-up, it is advised that you do your eyes first. In fact, this is the key to having a clean eye make-up. By doing this, you can clean any shadow as soon as you finish the eye makeup application.

The Make-up Colour Must Complement Your Colour Contact Lenses

For those who wear blue contact lenses, Mr. Almeida has suggested another trick which is to trace the inside rim of your eyes by the use of a beige coloured pencil. This is to conceal any redness on your eyes, because this will give a striking effect without over-powering. He also advised that in order for those who wear contact lenses to look their best, you must ensure that their makeup colour has been carefully selected in a way that it complements the entire colour of their eyes.

Unfortunately, most people who wear coloured contact lenses often encounter problems when it comes to choosing the right makeup. But by taking their time and listening to the suggestions and opinions of their family and friends, you can ensure that you will look great when wearing your coloured contacts.

A Guide for Teens Contact Lenses

Parents should be careful in allowing there kids in using contact lenses. Even if they are used as substitute for glasses, or for fashion.

Make sure your teenager understands that wearing contacts requires safe and responsible behavior.  Here are a few important rules to discuss.

  • Follow your eye doctor’s instructions for caring for and wearing your contacts.
  • Tell your parents if your eyes become irritated by the contacts or if your vision becomes unclear.
  • Be careful not to accidentally tear or lose your contacts.
  • Never swap contact lenses with another person.
  • Schedule regular appointments with your eye doctor.

Contact lenses may be safer than eyeglasses for teenagers. Unlike glasses, they are unlikely to be damaged while participating in sports.  Contacts also don’t fog up or distort vision as glasses often do.