Smart tips on cleaning your contact lenses

It is very essential to make sure that contact lenses should be kept clean. After all, anything we put on our bodies should always be maintained clean and fresh especially for sensitive parts of the body such as our eyes. It is quite common for contact lenses to be taken for granted. Sometimes despite the usual instructions to not put them on for more than 8 hours or to not sleep with them, people do them anyway. People who wear contact lenses must understand that simply because it feels as if they are barely there, does not mean that it can just be taken for granted just like that.

Why do we need to keep our contact lenses clean?

1. Our eyes like other parts of our body get exposed from dirt. It is highly recommended that we clean our contact lenses with a contact lens solution before and after using it. Not doing so may result to irritation.

2. Clean contact lenses help improve its longevity. By maintaining the contact lenses clean, chemicals that could possibly taint the contact lenses’ fragile form could be prevented.

The video below shows how to clean your contact lenses properly


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