Some Facts about the Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens

Silicone hydrogel lens iSilicone hydrogels the latest type of contact lenses available in the market now. It has been said that this contact lens is the most permeable lens ever made, for it allows significant amount of oxygen to get inside the lens and be able to reach the cornea. The oxygen is the one responsible for replenishing and refreshing the eyes, and thus, it helps to keep the eyes to stay fresh all the time. There are also other versions of these types of contact lenses that could last up to a month of consecutive use.

How does Silicone hydrogel differ from other Contact Lens?

Most of the contact lenses that are being sold in the market now are made of a polymer material, and such material is not oxygen permeable. Contact lenses that are made of polymer are using only the water of the lens in order to send oxygen to the eyes, which hardly refreshes the eyes for there would not be enough oxygen to reach the cornea of the eyes. Eye contacts that have high water content are not a good choice because these types can cause the eyes to dehydrate easily, especially after several hours of using the contacts.

The Comfort of Wearing Silicone Hydrogel Contacts

You can really feel a big difference the moment you wear the silicone hydrogel contact lens, for its air-penetrable form allows the oxygen to pass through the lens easily, letting your eyes to breathe oxygen about five to six times more as compared with those ordinary contact lenses out there. Its permeable form makes it the most comfortable contact lens to wear.