Preventing Contact Lens Injuries

Contact lenses are proven to be safe and effective in correcting vision and visual problems. Wearing contact lenses is quite simple even children as young as 12 can already apply them on their own. As safe and as simple as they are, contact lenses can still cause eye injuries. Contact lenses can cause abrasions to the cornea, non-sanitized and contaminated lenses can provide a good breeding ground for harmful and opportunistic microorganisms. Contact lens over-wear is also one of the factors that contribute to contact lens injuries. Tear deposits and foreign materials can also collect on the contact lens which can irritate the eye. Contact lens injury prevention is among the important aspects of contact lens use and care. Here are a few tips to help you with just that.
1) When you’re not using your contact lens, make sure to place them inside the container and soak them in storing solution. The storing solution helps remove dirt and mineral deposits from the lenses. It also keeps them intact and well hydrated. This is best done at night when you’re about to sleep, although some contact lenses can be worn at bed time, it is still advisable to remove them during sleep.

2) Once your contact lenses are in place, avoid, touching and rubbing your eyes. Scratching and even touching them can cause irritation. In case of an irritation, where in there’s eye pain, discomfort, redness and the vision becomes blurred, rinse and gently irrigate the affected eye with clean cold water or eye wash. If irritation persists, go to the nearest medical facility for proper care and management. Eye irritation can lead to serious consequences if left untreated.

3) Keep contact lenses clean at all times. Keeping them clean means proper hand washing before and after application. Using contact lenses as directed and disposing them once expired.