The advantages of disposable contact lenses

Even before disposable contact lenses were made available in the market, it has been strongly recommended for contact lens users to replace their contact lenses as frequent as possible. Contact lenses should be maintained fresh as possible to keep them comfortable on the eyes. However, lipids and proteins get into these contact lenses which catalyze wear and tear and may also be a cause of irritation or discomfort.

The problem then was that contact lenses were expensive. However, due to technology, affordable and disposable contact lenses are now available in the market. Aside from its main objective which is to encourage contact lens users to replace their contact lenses with fresh ones as frequent as possible, these disposable contact lenses also allow the users to have a wider variation of the colors of contact lenses they wish to have. They do not even have to get a pair at a time since the price of disposable contact lenses are cheap, they can get a variety of coloured contact lenses at the same time.

The video below will serve as a guide on the types of disposable contact lenses