The Big Eye Contact Lens

Trendy contact lenses have been continuously evolving over the past few years. From simple stains and colors, crazy artworks and patterns and now to big circular designs that make the iris look bigger. Contact lenses have become one of the most popular and must-have items for every trend setter and fashionista all over the world. It has become increasingly popular, that almost everyone owns a pair.
This trendy big eye lens is called the circle contact lens. These special lenses originated from Japan, one of the world’s fashion capitals. Wearing these lenses in order to achieve a large looking iris, the colored, circular structure in the eye, is a very big thing in Asia. Many Asians, especially teenage girls use circle contact lenses as a fashion accessory. For these girls, wearing circle contact lenses can help make their eyes look cute and doll-like. Looking cute or kawaii is a favorite among this age group. The design of circle contact lenses is reminiscent of anime characters; cartoon figures that are very popular in Asia. The colored part of circular contacts covers most of the lens’ size. Once worn, the colored portion goes beyond the iris, significantly altering its normal diameter, making it appear larger. Circle contact lenses come in various designs and colors, ranging from blue, green, purple, hazel, brown, black to unconventional colors like red and white. The diameter of the lens is approximately 14 millimeters, 2 millimeters wider than the normal iris.
The big eye trend has already reached many western countries. One very good example is lady gaga’s bad romance music video. Many scenes in the video showed her sporting extremely large doe-eyes that became such a huge hit among her followers. Circle contact lenses have since become available in prescription and cosmetic variants in optical shops and on-line stores. Like any other contact lenses, circle contacts must be properly fitted to prevent any unwanted complications for the wearer.