The Different Types of CIBA Contact Lenses

CIBA contact lensesCIBA contact lenses are one of the best types of contact lenses that are gaining much popularity these days. It is one of the brands of contact lenses that are leading in the field of optical industry, and what’s interesting about this brand is that it made use of all the latest technologies in producing high quality contacts, and is still working hard to introduce a lot of new things.

Varieties of CIBA contact lenses

There are several different varieties of CIBA Contact Lenses, such as the coloured contact lenses, the extended wear lenses as well as the contact lenses for astigmatic, and many more. There are various productions to these kinds of lenses, the high oxygen one is called the O2OPTIX lenses which are also known as the breathable types, and another kind of the high oxygen types are called the Day & Night contacts which can be worn for 30 straight nights. People who have tried wearing these types of contacts can really attest to its high quality and durability.

You can wear CIBA contact lenses on all kinds of occasions that you are attending, either to change your look or to achieve a clear and crisp vision. These lenses can be used for longer time period, for as long as you take care of them well properly. Proper care and maintenance is a must, because if you do not take care of them well, they would expire so soon even before its actual day of expiration.