Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Your Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

gas permeable contact lensesAlso called as the “oxygen” contact lenses, the gas permeable contact lenses are among the easiest contact lenses to care and maintain. These lenses are made up of both fluorine and silicone, and thus, do not attract a lot of protein, unlike some other types of contact lenses. But even though these lenses will not really draw so much protein in your eyes, it is still highly advised that you clean the lenses well so as to be sure that it is totally free from protein and any other debris.

Choose the Best Contact Lens Solution for Your Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Your first step is to make sure that your hands are clean, so make use of soap or a hand wash to clean your hands thoroughly before you touch the lenses. The next step is to look for the best gas perm lens solutions in the market. Make sure to choose the best brand and if possible, ask assistance from your eye doctor for some recommendation on the best contact lens solution.

Cleaning Methods Gas Permeable Contact Lens

The cleaning methods of gas permeable contact lenses will actually vary depending on the brand as well as the type of contact lens.  Although only a few people are willing to invest some of their precious time in cleaning their contacts, it is important to take note that cleaning the contacts is necessary, so as to prevent any eye diseases and infections to occur.  Just make sure that you follow the advice of the manufacturer and be wary some warnings that are usually printed on the label.

How often to polish the Contact Lenses?

People who are used to wearing gas permeable contact lenses would often ask how often the lenses need to be cleaned. It is always best that you consult with your doctor as they are the best persons who could give you the best advice, but it is important that you clean the lenses daily. But you will be delighted to know that these types of lenses do not really attract many enzymes and deposits, so you don’t need to religiously clean the lenses on a daily basis.