Two of the Most Popular types of Soft Contact Lenses

soft contact lensesSoft contact lenses are the types of contact lenses that are made of a soft plastic material, and are more comfortable to wear, as compared with hard contact lenses, due to the fact they hold more water in them. Several types of soft contacts also provide UV protection and are usually disposable in nature. This means that they must be thrown away after a short period of using the lens – usually every two to four weeks, or on a daily basis. This would depend on the type of contact lens being used.

Wearing a fresh pair of soft contacts every day would mean fewer chances of eye infections, less time for cleaning, and more comfort. These lenses are ideal for people whose eyes would tend to produce more protein that clouds the contact lenses. Here are two types of soft contact lenses that are considered the most popular these days:

Daily disposables

Daily disposable soft contact lenses are required to be worn once only, and must be thrown away after using. The benefits of wearing Daily Disposables is that you never have to keep on cleaning your contact lenses every once in a while. Also, the replacement schedule is very convenient and reduces any risk of dry eye and irritation that is often related to contact solutions. If you are someone who is prone to allergies, the daily disposables are ideal for you.

Silicone Extended Wear Disposables

These types of soft contact lenses are made with a type of material that can be worn for even up to one month, or approximately, 30 days and nights. The new silicone material of this lens also prevents any build up and thus, reduces dry eye irritation.