Useful Tips on how to wear your Contact Lens

Contact lens wearers, both old and new, have questions about the proper and correct way of wearing their contact lenses. A newbie might have difficulties figuring out the lens’ right side from its wrong side. He may not even know how to take it off from the contact lens container. Old users on the other hand, who have been wearing contacts for a certain period of time, might find the application part tedious and a bit complicated. This user might even get right eye contacts interchanged with the left one. Here are some practical, helpful and very useful tips to help you become a better contact lens user.

Know your contact lens inside-out

A very common problem faced by beginners is determining the lens’ right side and wrong side. To know which side is which, place the lens on top of your finger and see what kind of shape forms. The right side will form a concave shape that looks like a half ball. This shape fits well to the eye’s surface. If the shape formed resembles the letter “U” and looks like a small soup bowl, then that’s the wrong side. When the wrong side of the lens touches the eye, the wearer will feel uncomfortable and if this happens, remove the lens and wear its right side.

Applying your Contacts Properly

Before taking the lens from its container, shake it gently to ensure it’s free. Slide the lens to your palm and apply the prescribed amount of contact lens solution. Place the lens on top of your finger, with its right side facing downwards. Using your thumb and middle finger, gently pull the upper eyelid to expose the eye. Carefully place the contacts on the white portion of the eye that’s closest to the ear. Once in place, roll your eyes and blink, this helps position the lens properly. Check on the mirror to see if the lens is on the center. By this time, your vision is clear and your eyes will feel comfortable.