Weekly Contact Lenses – the Best Option for Disposable Contact Lenses

weekly contact lensesThere are several different types of disposables contact lenses that you can choose from, but the best type of all is the weekly contact lenses. These lenses are also referred as frequent replacement and they are designed to be worn and replaced regularly. Other types of disposable contact lenses are the daily disposable contact lenses and the extended wear contact lenses. Daily contacts can be worn daily, but must be taken out before going to sleep, and you will have to wear a new set of contacts for the following day. On the other hand, extended wear contact lenses are to be worn for 30 days only, or one month. After a month, these lenses must be disposed and replaced with a new one.

Replacement Schedule of Weekly Contact Lenses Would Depend on the Wearer

If you’ve discussed with your optometrist about your plans of wearing a pair of weekly contact lenses, he/she would inform you that the replacement schedule of the lenses would sometimes depend on the wearer, or on the person wearing the lenses. This is because of some factors, such as the amount of protein build-ups on the eyes, as well as the manner by which the person clean and takes care of the contact lenses. The replacement schedule of the lenses is very important, and every brand of disposable lenses has certain designs that are meant to last in a certain period of time only.

Weekly Contact Lenses Are Less Costly than Daily Disposables

Although weekly contacts would require you to clean the lenses every day, they can be less costly as compared with wearing daily disposable contact lenses. Daily disposables would require that you need to purchase several of them for longer use, but a pair of weekly contacts would last longer, and therefore, you don’t really need to buy a lot of these lenses.