What Causes Contact Lens Irritation?

Most eye wears rarely cause irritation to the wearer but for contact lenses it’s a different story. Since their worn directly over the eye, contacts may likely irritate them. There are some circumstances that increase the risk for contact lens irritation. The contact lens used may be old or worn out. The person wearing them might develop reactions to the contact lens solution used. Eye infection related to poor hygiene can also be one of the contributing factors. Cleanliness is key when handling and using contact lenses.
Contact lens irritation due to old and worn out lenses is common for people, who do not change frequently. Those who have sensitive eyes are also prone to this type of irritation. People who use and wear their contacts longer than recommended are at risk for substance deposits on the lens’ surface, this accumulation not only affects vision it also irritates the eye. When contact lens irritation is left unmanaged, it can lead to serious complications. Another cause for contact lens irritation is the contact lens solution. Contact lens users must always remember to utilize the recommended saline solution that goes with their eyewear. There are certain lenses that go with certain online gambling pokies solutions, using any solution may compromise sterility and lens compatibility. Eye infections related to poor hygiene is also one of the causes for contact lens irritation. Wearers who use saliva or other home-made solutions instead of the commercially prepared ones are especially prone to develop infections. Serious eye infections can lead to permanent vision loss.
It helps a lot to know the different causes of contact lens irritation. Being aware of these factors teaches the wearer how to become a better contact lens user. Worn out contact lenses can be prevented by changing frequently. Good hygiene and proper use of contact lens solutions prevents eye infections and other adverse reactions.