What’s the Best Contact Lens Solution?

contact lens solutionMultipurpose solutions are also being referred as the “no-rub” solutions, because such solutions are designed to adequately clean and disinfect the lenses by just a simple rinse and store method, so the process of mechanically rubbing the lenses to remove lens deposits is no longer necessary.

Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution

But some studies show that rubbing the contact lens even after moistening them with a “no-rub” contact lens solution, such as the multipurpose solutions will provide more cleaning effectiveness. And because of this, a lot of eye care professionals would now recommend to add a short, 10-second period of mechanical rubbing, regardless of the type of  solution you use.

Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Lens Care Systems

Hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens care systems are so popular in the United States, and are the most preferred by most people all over the world. To date, no product recalls have occurred for this product yet, due to some outbreaks of eye infections associated with the use of this solution. But even though this type of contact lens care system provides effective lens disinfection, these systems tend to be more cumbersome to use as compared with the no-rub multipurpose solutions.

Eye care professionals who recommend the use of hydrogen peroxide-based care systems advise the patients that you first clean your contacts well with a separate surfactant cleaning solution, like the saline solution, before you rinse them. Depending on the brand, Hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens care systems can be a one step or a two-step process.