What’s The Fuss about Custom Contact Lenses?

Custom Contact LensesCustom Contact Lenses are just like your regular contact lenses, but these types were designed and shaped specifically for your eyes. Custom contacts are ideal for people with moderate to heavy astigmatism, as well as those that have misshapen eyes. These individuals need a pair of contact lens that could give them ultimate comfort because of their eye condition, and therefore, a typical contact lens will not work for them.

If you are interested for a pair of Custom Contact Lenses, make sure to first find out pros and cons of these lenses and understand how they work, as well as what they have to offer.

The Proper Way of Measuring the Eyes

One of the most important things to do before paying for a custom-made contact lens is to ensure that precise measurements were taken on the surface of your eyes, to guarantee that these lenses will fit your eyes well. The measurements must be obtained by a professional eye doctor using a device called a corneal topographer. And as the name implies, the device maps the surface of the eye by measuring the points right around the cornea.

Types of Custom Contact Lenses

Custom contacts are available in two basic types – the GP, or gas permeable contacts and the soft contact lenses.

  • Gas Permeable Custom Lenses – GP lenses are also called hard contacts and most eye doctors would recommend such lenses because they tend to provide a sharper and clearer vision, as compared with the soft lenses. However, some users would claim that GP lenses are sometimes uncomfortable to wear, even the custom designed ones.
  • Soft Custom Contact Lenses – Soft custom contacts, as the name suggests, are softer and flexible as compared with the GP lenses. They are ideal for correcting astigmatism are said to be more effective than the Toric contact lenses, whose main purpose is to treat astigmatic individuals.