Which Is Better – Monthly or Daily Contact Lenses?

Daily Contact LensesIf you are planning to wear a pair of contact lens for eye correction purposes but cannot decide on whether you should opt for daily contact lenses or monthly contact lenses, then read this article to find out.

Monthly Contacts against Daily Contact Lenses

In order for you to make a decision on which type of contact lenses is better, it is important that you first find out more information about how each of these lenses work. Once you have identified the purpose and function of these contact lenses, you will then be able to identify the best contact lens that you can wear in order to correct your vision.

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contacts, or everyday lenses, are those that needs to be thrown away daily after every use. The advantage of using this type of lens is that it allows you to wear a completely new and refreshing contact lens each day. And in case your daily contact lenses are lost, it is not that costly to replace, as compared with the more expensive monthly contacts or an expensive pair of eye glasses. The disadvantage is perhaps on the fact that buying daily contacts could get more expensive in the long run, than buying just one pair of monthly lenses, which is already good for one month’s use.

Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly Contact Lenses are those that can be worn up to 30 days, or one month. For most eye contact wearers, this type of lenses is the less expensive of all, but this type of lenses needs to be taken cared properly. Proper cleansing and maintenance is utmost important in order to prevent protein build up. Also, germs could easily get inside these types of contact lens, if they are not cleaned properly, which could lead to bacterial infection.